Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Festival Chocolates

Check out what I've been working on this week......

200+ chocolates for an elementary school fall festival! Good thing I am leaving today for Helen for the weekend! See you on Monday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chocolates, Chocolates and MORE Chocolates!

What an exciting past few days! Last week, not only did I have my first order of chocolates, I had FOUR orders - and all had to be ready in 24hours! I was up to my ears in chocolates. First, A Paulding county elementary school ordered their school mascot, the wolf, chocolates for a PTA dance on Friday. Then, a Polk county school called to tell me that they had submitted approval to order the yellow jacket for that weekend. Bartow Buzz magazine ordered a ton for their anniversary event on Saturday and yesterday, a Bartow county Elementary school ordered their school mascot and Halloween molds for their fall festival next Friday! On top of that, I have donated four different shaped chocolates to Operation Bartow Cares for the Bartow Business Association Luncheon next Wednesday....Whew! Like I said, chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates! It's so exciting how this business has taken off so fast. I am researching new companies to buy wholesale chocolates and supplies to lower my costs - anyone know of a place other than Wilton?
I've also been working on the next Open Easel Night. I think I am going to extend the hours so that people have more time to work and don't have to stay so late. What does everyone think about opening the doors at 5:30 instead of 7pm? Let me know your thoughts and ideas! Last month was great and I am expecting a larger group in October.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last Night's Creative Studios Event

Despite a rain storm early late in the afternoon, we had a great time at last night's creative event! THe studio looked great, we had plenty of supplies and lots of people ready to work! We even had a couple of people try out some new techniques and mediums. You can checkout the pictures under my website's EVENT page. We are really going to push the membership drive thoughout September to make it even better October 6th.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday caos!

Another week gone before I know it! With the September newsletters out I have been able to take a break from the computer, so sorry about not posting all week. Let's see - this week, other than painting my dining room, I've been working on new soap and chocolate shapes and colors. It's really difficult to add color to the chocolates. I've been corresponding with a lady in Mobile who has some really great ideas for products. I'm working on those as well - more when I get the prototype ready. Still looking for UGA/GT ribbons and advice on making cheer leading bows, most of all I am really excited about Monday's Creative Night! Lots of questions through email, so hopefully that means lots of attendees! Sorry to be so short, but the morning just disappears before I know it. PLEASE leave me some comments! Thanks, K

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to work!

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Labor Day - I did. I spent last evening with my close friend (and family) Megan and her family. We did the traditional Labor day cookout and the kids ran around the yard all day. That's really what those long weekends are all about for me - spending time with those I love. I DID do some work over the weekend too. I created the new chocolates for our fundraisers. The flag is for Operation Bartow Cares and the Pink Ribbon will be next months fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I've decided to make all of my chocolates available for fundraisers at wholesale. IF anyone has an idea on how to market these to schools, etc, please send them my way. Have a great Monday, Oops! I mean, Tuesday! (holidays always throw me off.)