Sunday, November 29, 2009

My baby FINALLY lost her first tooth! - Yes, she made me post it!

My daughter, who is 6, decided I needed to post her picture on "my work," so here it is!

 She is the last one of her friends and schoolmates to lose her first tooth - I hope the Tooth Fairy is ready!! The pillow she is using belonged to MY GRANDMOTHER - who bought it back when my dad was little!

This is my grandma, or Memaw, with Grace the day she was born.

I can't tell you how long I have waited for her to use it. It has been prestine, in the box, since she bought it LONG ago. It has a little  pocket on the front to hold the tooth. She would be so proud (tear).

The book is a book I read to her sisters when they were little - "Abra Cadabra and the Tooth Witch" by Nurit Karlin. Thanks for letting me a proud mommy for a sec!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Help Finding A New Blog Name

If you haven't noticed, my posts have slowed down recently. Not only has my catering business been super busy this past few weeks, I am also building a new blog. Everywhere I read it's says my blog name should represent WHAT my blog is about. "The Kendal Companies Forum" just doesn't do that. My blog IS an extention of my website - but it also so much more (and more personal where my website is hopefully more professional.)

So, I need some help fnding a cool name.....and I and stumped!

I really like "" or something with my name in it "" but can't find the right fit.

Any suggestions out there?

MomStart Giveaway - Seagate Free Agent Theater+ HD and FreeAgent Go portable drives

 My blog friend over at MomStart is having a great giveaway! She received a Seagate Free Agent Theater+ HD and FreeAgent Go portable drives to review and is now giving away a set! I get an extra entry into her giveaway by sharing it with you so please be sure to visit her site and make your entry.

 According to her product review .."provide(s) a quick and easy way to connect your external hard drive to your television or home entertainment center. After loading the drive with your favorite movies, videos, music and pictures from the home PC, simply slide it into the FreeAgent Theater+ dock to get instant access to your digital media library. With the FreeAgent Theater+ player, you can just sit back, relax, point, click and enjoy as digitally captured memories and your favorite movies come to life in 1080p HD video, DTS™ 2.0 + Digital Out, or Dolby Digital technology"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Day Kid's Craft

Okay - so the grand plan was to make a family of these little turkeys to use as place card holders on our family dinner table - but after realizing that would be 30 turkeys, we decided to just make one! I found the idea in a magazine (the ad is for Hidden Valley Ranch).

You will need:
One Idaho Potato - Cut in 1/2 and use one half for the face/body
One Fingerling potato - Cut in half and use as the feet (attach with 1/2 toothpicks)
One Baby Carrot -Cut off two small discs off the widest end for the eyes and the remainder for the beak)
One Bay Leaf - use red marker to paint the gobbler, place under the carrot beak
Construction Paper - Trace child's hand in several colors for feathers
Red Marker

For photo instructions, please visit my website and see Grace's slide show!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Sweet Blog Post You Should Read Too

I LOVE The Mother Huddle Blog and this morning's post, once again, touched my heart. Click over and read her post to see what I mean. Be sure to sign up for her emails too. Each time she posts, you will get it in your inbox.
Be Warned: Get a tissue!
Title: Bullet List {take a break}


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Pretty good stuff came FREE in my mail last week. Check out the photo!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sample with coupons
FREE 4pk of Uncrustables coupon
3 piece sample from Nestle Creamers
6 pieces Go Girl Fem. Products Samples
and several other coupons -

I also redeemed my FREE 6 piece chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements. Be warned - they get to pick what you get in your free box so don't expect 6 huge strawberries! I got 2 chocolate covered bananas and 4 pineapples. They were still good - and FREE!
I think the coupon expires this week so be sure to redeem yours now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday Night is for SHOPPING! - Even when you do it on Tuesday!

Yes - I am two days late posting my finds this week - but those that know me, know I had a VERY busy weekend including catering a class reunion  for the guys 2 years ahead of me -they were great fun and everything went wonderfully. I am still recovering :)

Now for my breakdowns:

Rite Aid: Not much going on there this week for me but a couple of good buys:

Kotex tampons Reg 3.99, sale 2.99, earned Rebate for 1.99, used $1 off coupon - my cost MADE .01!
(3) campbells Cream Soups Reg 1.59 each, sale .99, used coupon - my cost .75 each, saved 2.52
12pk Quiltted Northern Reg 10.99, sale 5.99, used $1 coupon - my cost 4.99 saved $6
Scope Toothpaste Reg. 3.79, sale 2.79, rebate earned 2.79, used .75 coupons - MADE .75

Total Reg Price   $19.75
Sale savings        $  6.80
Coupon savings   $ 3.00
Rebates Earned   $ 4.78
Total out of pocket $5.17
Total Saved $14.58

on the other hand....CVS was GREAT!

Hellman's Mayo - Reg 5.99, sale 2.99, earned 1.66 ECB, used .40 coupon - my cost .93
(3) Ragu Reg 3.29 each, sale 1.67, earned 4.08 ECB, used .60 coupon - my cost MADE .57!
Skippy Penaut Butter Reg 3.25, sale 1.67, earned 1.66 ECB, used .60 coupon - MADE .59!
(2) Nature Valley Box Bars Reg 4.19ea, sale 3.00, earned $2 ECB, used .70 coupons - my cost 3.33 - saved 5.05
(2) General Mills Cereal Reg 4.29 each, sale 3.00, used $1 coupon - 2 each saved 4.58
(3) Glade Oil Candle Refills reg 3.99each, sale 3.00, earned .75 ECB, used B2G1 Free - my cost 4.50 saved 7.47
PLUS got 2 FREE Glade Warmers saved 3.00

Total Reg Price    $51.02
Sale Savings         $20.61
Coupon savings    $8.03
ECB Earned         $13
ECB Used            $19
Total Out of Pocket   MADE $9.62!!

Publix - Our penny item was Kraft BB sauce
Publix doesn't itemize their tickets as well as Rite Aid and CVS, so I'm just giving you my personal totals this week (I bought alot!). Ify ou want to see what the B1G1 sales were this week, please visit Southern Savers. Thanks Jenny for your hard work - which makes my Sunday Shopping Nights EASIER!

Total Reg Price    $63.71
Sale Savings         $22.82
Coupon Savings   $14.98
Total Paid            $25.91

I'll be heading to Ingles tomorrow and Walgreens on Thursday and will post then. I have another big catering weekend coming up so posts will be few and far between this week but I will pick back up next week. Thanks!

Who could use a new FREE computer?

HP TouchSmart 600

Who could use a new computer? Who could use a new FREE computer? My NEW friend over a Jollymom has been seleceted by HP to give away a new HP TouchSmart 600 Computer. (Specal thanks to Bless Their Hearts for spending me this great giveaway). Be sure to enter her giveaway starting Nov. 23rd!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Earth 360 Website and Giveaway from Networking Witches

My readers know I love anything that helps the earth and Networking Witches is giving away a Bazura Bag. What's a Bazura Bag? It's a handbag made out of non-biodegradable milk cartons. Check out her giveaway and! Contest ends 12/03/09. Thanks ladies!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keep America Beautiful Recycle Day NOVEMBER 15th

"America Recycles Day (ARD), Nov. 15, is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products. Celebrating its 12th year, it has grown to include millions of Americans pledging to increase their recycling habits at home and work and to buy products made with recycled materials.

Through America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful and the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) support local communities and raises awareness by educating citizens about the benefits of recycling. Volunteer America Recycles Day coordinators are positioned throughout the country and work to organize recycling awareness events in their schools and communities, and in conjunction with their local municipalities."

Why you Should Cut Those Pet Food Coupons.....

EVERY week there are always pet supply coupons. Do you throw them away? Let me open my little book of "Coupon Laws to Live By" and tell you why you should not throw them out..... Coupon Law # 4 - CUT EVERY COUPON, even the ones you don't need

My mother-in-law wanted a dog. She specifically wanted to adopt a rescue dog. She didn't want a puppy to train or a full breed expensive dog - just one that was sweet and that she could save from being put asleep. We found her a rescue center on-line and paired her with a wonderful dog. In researching local rescue centers, a pattern emerged - Due to the economy not only we they full of dogs rescued from abandoned or flood damaged homes, they we extremely low on volunteers, funds AND supplies. It hit me like a ton of bricks - THAT'S why I'd been saving all the dog and cat supplies coupons.

This week my goal is to go through the STACKS of pet supply coupons, organize them a little better and start buying up what I can get on sale. I will collect these over the next month or so and take them over to the rescue center near my house. I know that before I personally was stocked up on dog treats, I noticed there are always pet coupons every week. The first week of using coupons I remember I bought three bags of dog treats, on sale and with a coupon, for about .15 each bag. Now even I can afford that much extra a week. Just think of all those animals in county shelters and state rescue centers that would love a little extra treat!

EXTRA NOTE: This weekend is Pet Smart’s National Adoption Weekend. If you are looking for a new pet to rescue - stop by and get additional special offers including a FREE 3.5# bag of Purina Pro Plan and 20# of Purina Tidy Cats liter. Pet Smart uses the local rescue centers for their adoptive pets. Our local Pet Smart uses Dog Pak Rescue out of Kingston, Georgia. This past week’s newspaper coupon also included over $20 in additional savings. Save a dog (or cat) AND save money!

Why you need 52 tubes of toothpaste......

Okay, so maybe not that many but seriously - why should you keep buying more tubes of toothpaste (or shampoo, soap, etc) when you are completely stocked up?

You won't explode if you DON'T get all the CVS Extra Care Bucks this week.

You won't kill over if you don’t use those coupons that are expiring tomorrow.

You already have 5 back ups for your own family.


Could be you’re a shop-o-holic or have coupon fever, but chances are you still buy these items because you know you can donate those extra items you buy for pennies on the dollar to those in your community that really needs them. I'm not just talking about your church's food bank or Outreach Committee. I'm talking about nursing homes (those free Accu-Check coupons you keep throwing away, hearing aid batteries, and free magazine subscriptions), Women's shelters (those B1G1 Free Mascaras?), teenagers at the local high school (Tampax, Kotex, any makeup) and the local animal shelter (free treats, dog food and litter). That's right - YOU GIVE BACK!

Some of the best coupon cutting advice I ever received was from Jenny at; she says to cut EVERY SINGLE COUPON - whether you are stocked up on the item or think you'll never buy it - cut it. You never know what you can get for pennies on the dollar and sometimes even free. That's why I cut every coupon and check every sale item every week - anything that is extra or I don't usually buy, goes in a box and is taken to the appropriate group that needs it.

There is a group out there you could choose to support. Another thing to remember - during the holidays, support groups get an abundance of supplies, but once they distribute them during the holiday season, they are EMPTY in January and the following months. Why not start stocking up now - by January you will have a boxful to help replenish the empty pantries.

Walgreen's Weekly Shopping Break Out

This was a pretty good week at Walgreen's - almost didn't make it over there, but glad I did because of few things I will need for the Olidays were on sale (Carnation milk, Jiffy Puff  - both I used to make holiday fudge!)

(2) Clearasil Pads Reg. 8.49 each, sale B1G1, used (2) $2 coupons - my cost $4.49 saved 12.49!
(3) Renuzit Adjustables Reg 1.79 each, sale 1.50 each, used B2G1 Free coupns, my cost $.98each - saved 2.40
(2) Cheeze It - Reg 3.29 each, sale B1G1, used 1.50 coupon - my cost $.90 each - saved 4.78 
Klennex Tissue Reg 1.99, sale .90
(2) Morton's Salt, reg .89 each, sale B1G1 - my cost .45
(2) Marshmellow Puff Reg 1.39, sale .99 each
Carnation Milk Reg 1.59, sale .99, used .50 coupon - my cost .45 saved 1.14
(4) Progresso Soup Reg 3.19 each, sale $3, used (2) .50 coupons - my cost 1.00ea - saved 8.00
 (2) Betty Crocker Frosting Reg 2.49, sale B1G1, used (2) .50 coupns - my cost .75 each saved 3.48
(3) Betty Crocker Brownie Bowls Reg 2.29, sale 2, used (3) .50 coupns - my cost .52 - saved 7.66
(1) Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Reg 2.39, sale 2, used coupon - my cost 1.50
(2) Foldgers Coffee Reg 3.49, sale 2.50, used (2) $1 coupons - my cost 1.50 each -saved 6

Total At Reg Price 70.25
Sales Savings 15.18
Coupons used 30.64
Used $5 off $25 walgreen's coupon

Total Out of Pocket $19.43

Saved - 50.82

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Topless Undershirt Giveaway by Dandy

Yes, you read correctly - topless undershirt - check it out! It's a must have for us low-rise jeans wearin' gals! The giveaway is by Dandy Giveaway

Georgia Sea Turtle License Plate - I GOT MINE TODAY!

I am SO excited! The campagin for this plate started almost 2 years ago and, although they did not reach their goal of selling 1000 plates, they decided to go ahead and produce the ones that were ordered. If you are not familuar with the Georgia Sea Turtle Resuce Center in Jeykyll ISalnd, Georgia please vistit

They have a beautiful center where you can actuqally visit with the current tutrlepatients in recovery.
research and education programs, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center will increase awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, promote responsibility for ecosystem health and empower individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally to protect the environment.

"All donations to the GSTC go to the daily operations, upkeep and maintenance of the Center, exhibit development, maintenance and modification, various hospital equipment, and of course, all aspects of turtle care. Thank you for your donation and helping us help sea turtles!"

You can also adopt the patients. This is a great classroom project for you teachers out there. Here are the details form the website:

"The sea turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center need your support! Food, medications, Dr. check-ups, and x-rays are just a few of the things that our sea turtle patients need during their stay here. If the turtle is successfully rehabilitated, we hope to also be able to provide each one with a satellite transmitter, secured to it's shell, so we can keep track of the turtle upon release! But even then, funds to cover costs for satellite time and maintenance of data are still a concern. We need YOUR help to raise these funds and the Adopt-a-Turtle Program is designed just for that purpose! Whether you are adopting a turtle for yourself or as a gift for someone else, it is sure to bring you joy knowing you've contributed to the conservation of these amazing, endangered animals! Our Program offers 2 options: #1 Current In-house Patients and #2 Successfully rehabilitated and released turtles with a satellite transmitter:"

I. Current patients:
Official Certificate of Adoption
A letter from your turtle
5x7 photo of your turtle
Adoptive parent(s) name listed on the GSTC website adoption page
Exclusive access to the Adopt-a-Sea section of the GSTC website, featuring bi-weekly updates and photos of your adopted sea turtle.
Notice of potential release date of your sea turtle as the information becomes available. Release dates are subject to change without notice, at any time.
Website link to adopted sea turtle's tracking information (if available).

II. Successfully rehabilitated and released turtles with a satellite transmitter:
Official Certificate of Adoption
A letter from your turtle
5x7 photo of your sea turtle during the release
Adoptive parent name(s) listed on the GSTC website
Website link to adopted sea turtle's tracking information if available.

Room Within Holiday Open House

Last night was WET and RAINY but we still had a great event. Heather and Renee were grateful enough to hire me to cater their Open House. Check out the food pix below - yum!

If you are local to Cartersville, Georgia, check out their shop too. Heather is a interior designer and Renee can help you put together a room with great things from their shop, Room Within.

Since the weather was so awful last night, they will be having an additional Holiday Open House THIS THURSDAY evening so be sure to stop by!

Thanks again ladies!

Show Your Patriotism Today - Fly your flag.....

What exactly IS Veteran's Day? Let me tell you what it means to me.

My brother VOLUNTARILY re-signed up with the Marines shortly after 9/11. He was scheduled to be released and was given the option to re-join or go home. He felt it was his duty to stay and was almost immediately sent overseas. I am in tears as I write this now. I cannot express the feelings I felt then (and now) at that the PRIDE I have for him. He was in a group that went into Baghdad BEFORE the war was even officially announced to set up communications for the incoming troops. Our family was terrified for him but very proud as well. He came home in one piece but suffered from Post Traumatic Stress for quite awhile. He is fine now and we are so thankful to have him home. Every family's story I hear tugs at my heart and I get emotional at just the thought of the things my brother and his fellow troops endured and the sacrificed they make for us and our country.

Veteran's Day is a day to show appreciation for the sacrifices the soliders and their families make for everyday people - just like YOU and ME. I truly believe that this country should show more support for those who are enlisted or are veterans. Fly your flag, tell them thank you, and send care packages.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful post from The Mother Huddle. Often they will share another follower's blog and their "Bullet List". Being Veteran’s Day, I had to share this list with you. Read the word’s of actual solider AND wife of a deployed solider her thoughts on Patriotism:

Please check yesterdays postings for specials offered for veterans today and pass them on! Some additional  posting related to supporting the troops:

Sending Soilder Care Packages is a wonderful place to start when looking for information on what to send, how to send it and who to send it to.

"A soldier in Iraq cannot see your ribbon

or the flag at your front door

But a letter they hold in their hands

To them, means so much more"

Liam Sweeny

When my brother served in Iraq, we sent him weekly packages. He passed many of the items onto friends who did not receive things from home. He had so much that often he had to leave much of it behind when they had to pack up quickly and move. First tip: Instead of sending large volumes to one soldier, send smaller packages to many soldiers. Do not send food and non-food items in the same pack. If ants or other bugs get into the food, then your other items will not be damaged. Some of my brother's requests - Containers of powdered Gatorade, sweat-proof sunscreen (Bullfrog is great), socks, chewing gum, baby powder (for gauding), vasolene (can be used for wind-block) and discourages sending DVDs and CDs as they're often stolen and re-sold to the soldiers.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Noobie is giving away a new KINDLE - no strings attached! Spread the word!

Win a brand new Kindle!

Win A Kindle E-Book Reader

From one of my favorite blogs......

Two of a kind, working on a full house: Chance To Win A Kindle E-Book Reader

A GREAT Giveaway for Moms Who Need A Giggle..... is a blog I follow daily. They always post about the greatest websites. Todays giveaway is listed below - You MUST check out Leave Me B - the shirts are the greatest! Moms deserve a break too and these shirts are priceless. I have already checked off several of my Christmas gifts that I am getting from her!


Here is the link to the her website:

Swinxs interactive activity game console #giveaway

What a GREAT giveaway - check it out on

Swinxs interactive activity game console #giveaway

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week's FREEBIES in my mail

First, I want to thank and for leading me to most of the FREEBIES I am currently getting in the mailbox. Thanks ladies! I hope all (6, lol) of my readers will check out your great sites.

Here is what I received FREE this week: Be warned , it was the week for feminene products it seems!

-SheSpeaks sent me a FULL SIZE Aquafresh Iso-Active Toothpaste to reveiw (which I really DO like!) It also included several $1 off coupons
-Carefree sent me a sample panty liner and a coupon
- Mr. Rebates sent me a welcome pack that included a FREE mouse pad. I gave it to my daughter for her computer and she thinks it's great!
 - Kimberly-Clark sent me a KOTEX Sample pack that included: Panty liner, overnight pad, Thin as Wings pad, Tampon samples and (2) $1 off coupons
 - Proctor & Gamble Tampax 3 pc. Sample Set - Included Pearl tampax, Compax tampon and Regular Tampon
- Proctor & Gamble also sent me a booklet of coupons for Tide, Febreeze and more!
 - Ingles sent me a $4 coupon for Iams Dog Food. It was on sale this week for $6.88 so I got the big bag for only $2.88!
- Belk/Clinque sent me a flyer for a free skin care consulation which included samples and mascara. I spent about 10 minutes with the sales lady and walked out with a box full of FREE Clinque products PLUS a cute Tote bag!

So, all and all a good week! This is actually my 2nd week in a row of actually receiving things in the mail. Once you start up it takes  about 4 weeks to actually see products, but start checking the sites I've reference above for DAILY chances at FREEBIES like these!

PS: YES! I need the old blogger with the SPELLCHECKER! lol, please be patient with me, I type faster than I can spell!

Small Talk Six - Six Reasons You Would Be Doomed if Stranded on a Deserted Island

6 reasons why you would be doomed if you were stranded on a
deserted island all by yourself

Here are my six:

1. I have to steal from Bless Your Hearts - lack of caffine would be my first issue - I would probably be very irritable to all the native animals, start twitching and then crash and burn for about 7 days

2. I would go crazy not knowing what to do with myself. The entire island would be scrubbed cleaned and organized long before  the caffine was out of my system and I would be bored out of my mind!

3. What? No Internet? I may just crawl up and perish at the thought of that one

4. I would probably be okay on the creative food issue, but no frosty beverage at sunset - pure torture

5. Another horrid thought - unless my destered island has volcano pools, my need to keep warm and for long hot baths would take over and I'd have to bake naked in the buring sun to keep warm

6. Lack of companionship? Good for about the first 72 hours as I bask in the glory of not having to cook dinner and wipe snotty noses, then the social butterfly in me would have to start talking to the native marinelife about how good a long bath, a cold brew and a shot of esspresso would be as the sun sets on the horizon ...wait! that Sawyer I see swimming towards me in the distance? Nah, must be all the sun I'm taking in.

Now go post your own list on your blog (don’t forget to grab a button) and then leave the direct link to your post on Mr. Linky. Then go check out everyone else’s Small Talk Six lists and leave them a comment so they know you stopped by.

PS: I must apologize if I have linked this incorrectly. I am new to the Mr. Linky and found this post originally on Bless your Hearts.

Sunday Night is for SHOPPING! I spent $4.03 for $225 worth of products!

In getting ready for our Coupon workshop, I am reposting past coupon breakouts.This is a repost from November 8, 2009

I MUST thank for all her hard work every week. Without her I would not be able to shop this way. PLEASE visit her site!

As usual, I won't hit Walgreen's and Ingles until later in the week but here are today's totals:

Grand Total if bought at Regualr Price:            $ 225.90
Total saved by buying ON SALE:                         $   83.71
Total saved by USING COUPONS:                      $   61.17
Total Rebates/Rewards/ECB USED:                   $     8.99
Total Rebates/Reward/ ECB EARNED:              $   18.00
Gift Card Used (Prescription Transfers)            $  50.00
Total OUT OF POCKET:                 $   4.03
Total SAVINGS:                            $ 221.87

Please keep in mind that this is after I receive all my earned rewards and rebates through the mail. My actual out of pocket cost today was $33.33.

Publix – Week on Nov. 8th

(2) Aunt Jemima Pancakes Reg $1.34 each, sale B1G1, used $1 coupon – My cost .85 each (saved $1.83)

Johnston Brats Reg – 3.99 B1G1 Used .75 coupon – my cost 1.25 (saved 2.75)

(3) Nestle Cookie Dough. – Reg. 2.89 each – sale B1G1, used (3) $1 coupons – my cost .45 each (saved 7.32!!)

(2) Coffee Mate Creamers 32oz Reg 3.39 each, sale B1G1, used $1 coupon – my cost 1.19 each (saved 4.39)

(2) Nestle Chocolate Chips Reg 2.50 each, sale B1G1, used (2) $1 coupons – my cost .75 each (saved 3.50)

(2) Hunts Tomatoes reg 1.39 each, sale B1G1, used .50 coupon, doubled– my cost .45 each (saved 1.89)

(4) Select Harvest Soups, Reg 2.39 each, B1G1, used (2) .40 coupons – doubled – my cost .75 each (saved 6.58)

Barilla Bow Tie pasta – Reg. 1.39, sale B1G1, no coupon – my cost .69 (saved 1.39)

Cooking Light Magazine – Reg 4.99 – used $1 coupon – my cost 3.99 (saved $1)

International Coffee Reg 3.99, sale 2.99 – used $1 coupon- my cost 1.99 (saved $2)

.01 Penny Item of the week: Publix Oatmeal Reg 1.59 – my cost .01

Total Reg Priced : $56.62
Sale Savings: $19.32
Coupons used: $ 12.98
Coupons doubled: $ 1.80
Final Cost: $ 22.52
Total Saved: $34.10

Plus I qualified for a $5 Rebate!

CVS – No great Extra Care Buck Sales this week but I did stock up on Paper Towels and Toilet Paper:

Scotts 8pk Paper Towels – Reg. $10.99 – sale $4.96, used $1 coupon

Bought (3) my cost 3.96 each – saved 21.09!!! PLUS it earned me $4 ECB so it actually saved me over $25!!

Scotts 12pk TP – Reg 11.99, sale 6.96, used $1 coupon

Bought (2) my cost 5.96 each – saved 11.92

Total Reg Price: $56.95
Sale Savings $28.15
Coupon Savings $5.00
ECB Used $8.99
ECB Earned $4.00
Plus a $5 off $30 coupon from CVS
Total Out of Pocket: $10.81
Total Saved: $46.14!!!

Rite Aid – The BEST one of all. I transferred (2) prescriptions and got $50 in gift cards – which I used in today’s purchase. See below everything I got for $0 out of pocket and I actually MADE Money in rebates!

Jet Dry Reg 4.99, sale 3.99, used .50 coupon, earned $1 Rebate – my cost 2.49 (saved 2.50)

(3) Dawn Dish Soap Reg 1.99, sale .99, used (3) .25 coupons – my cost .74 each (saved 3.75)

(3) Joy Dish Soap Reg. 1.99, sale .99, used (3) .30 coupons – my cost .59 each (saved 4.20)

(4) Electrasol Org. Dish Tabs Reg 6.49, sale 3.99, used (2) .50 coupons, earned $2 rebates – my cost 2.49 each (saved $16)

Febreeze Air Effects Reg 3.29, used $1 coupons, earned $1 Rebate – my cost 1.29 (saved $2)

Neosporin Lip Therapy Reg 4.99, used $3 coupon AND got extra tube free – my cost $1 (saved 8.98)

(3) Nivea Hydro Kiss Reg 2.99, sale 2.50, used coupon to get FREE Full Sized Nivea Lotion AND used a buy 3 get 1 FREE coupon – my cost $5 (saved 10.49 on the lotion and free tube)!!

Jergens hand Lotion Reg 4.29, used RA Coupon, earned $1 rebate – my cost 2.29 (saved $2)

Oral B Toothbrush Reg 4.99, sale 2.99, used .75 coupon, earned 2.99 rebate – my cost MADE .75!

Scope Outlast Mouthwash – Reg 4.69, used $1 coupon – bought to earn FREE toothpaste (see below) – my cost 3.69

Crest Scope Toothpaste Reg 3.79, used .75 coupon – my cost – MADE .75!

(2) Lysol Wipes Reg 3.49, sale B1G1, used $1 coupons – my cost .79 each – (saved 5.40)

(2) 11 oz Folgers Coffee Reg 4.99, sale B1G1, used (2) $1 coupons – my cost 1.50 EACH! Saved 6.98

Total Reg: $112.33
Sale Savings: $36.24
Coupons Saving $31.39
Rewards earned $9
Used $5 off $25 Coupon
Total Due: 34.70
Used Gift Cards from Prescription transfer – Total out of pocket: $0 – plus MADE 1.50!
Total Saved $77.63!!! – Really saved $112.33 if you count the gift cards!

I know many of you are wondering what in the world I am doing buying things like today's (6) bottles of dish detergent - but I have a masterplan and that includes donating my excess. Keep posted as I will detail my ACTION PLAN this week!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh To Be A Child Again......

I couldn't help myself - call it "prideful parent syndrom" but this picture of my daughter just seems to tug at my heartstrings. To be young again, wearing what you want (TWO hats? Rainboots OVER your pants?), doing what you want (playing the rain water) and SMILING at the camera (these days I prefer to look AWAY! lol!). You can just see the happiness in her face - and that makes me happy too. Too many times I am focused on the computer, or the housework or somthind else other than my children and there is too much I miss. Take a peak at your children sometimes when they don't know you are watching. How happy are they? How happy does it make you to see them happy?

Feels good doesn't it? Funny how a simple thing like taking two minutes to look at your child's face changes your own attitude on the moment...

..with that - I am off to chase Grace down the street! ENJOY your weekend - I'm taking a break until Monday! 

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrating Family

So Sunday after Halloween I took down all the decorations and promptly pulled out my Fall/Thanksgiving decor. I have kept tons of my daughters artwork and love to to place them around the house. My 6 year old loves to play with her things and they rarely stay put and even my 17 year old smiles when she sees somthing she did in first grade on the windows. Thanksgiving is for "giving thanks"  and celebrating family. What better way is there to celebrate family than having your children's artwork around your home? Check out the photos!

Two of a kind, working on a full house: Dremel 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool Review And Giveaway

Two of a kind, working on a full house: Dremel 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool Review And Giveaway

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekly Walgreen's Shopping Break Down

Great week at Walgreens shoppers! Here's my break-out from today's buy:

(2) Herbal Essence Shampoo - Reg. 3.99, on sale 3.49, used $1 coupon and FREE Coupon, earned $2 Register Rewards - my cost $.50! (saved $7.50)

Dawn Dish Liquid - Reg 1.59, used Walgreen Coupon to make it .99, used .25 MFG coupon - my cost .74 (saved .85)

Gillette Men's Deodorant - Reg 4.49, sale 4.00, used $1 coupon, got $2 Register Rewards - my cost $1, (saved $3 AND got a FREE Men's Body Wash with purchase, see next item)

Gillette's Men's Body Wash - Reg 4.49, sale $4, used FREE with purchase coupon - my cost $0, plus earned the $2 Register Rewards

Aquqfresh Iso Toothpaste - Reg 4.79, used $2 WGN Coupon and $1 MFG Coupon - my cost 1.79

Nivea Lotion Reg 7.49, Sale 6.99, used $1 Coupon, got $2 RR - my cost 3.99

Dial 3pk Bar Soap - Reg 2.49, sale 1.99, used .35 Coupon, got $1 RR - my cost .64 (saved 1.85)

Glade Sense and Spray - Reg 9.99, sale 4.99, used $4 coupon - my cost $1 (saved 8.99)

(2) Hefty Ziploc bags Reg 3.29 each, sale B1G1, used (2) $1 Coupon - my cost .65 each (saved 5.30)

(3) Hunts Tomato Sauce Reg. .99 each - Sale 3/$1 (saved 1.97)

Cottenelle Bathroom Wipes Reg 3.89 - used WGN coupon 1.99, plus, .50 MFG Coupon - my cost 1.49 (saved 2.40)

(2) Mandarin Oranges reg 1.29 each, WGN coupons 2/$1 (saved 1.58)

(4) Campbells Soups Reg 1.29 each on sale .50 each, used .40 coupon (saved 3.56)

and a couple of other things included in my total below....

Total 83.86
Sales -14.96
WGN Coupons -15.83
MFG Coupons -23.24
Rewards Used -8
Rewards earned -6

Total Out of Pocket $15.83 ($10 of which was some items I needed not on sale)

I have to admit that I am TOTALLY stocked up on just about every personal care, cleaning and laundry item there is, BUT I am going to continue to purchase items when they are available to me for pennies on the dollar...stay tuned and I will tell you why.....

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Two of a kind, working on a full house: Got Giveaways? 11/3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Have A Winner! and A New Contest!

Our first Comment Contest ended Sunday night and the winner is:

Clara Jean O! (I have sent you an email requesting your info to send the $25 SPAFINDER card, please reply by Nov. 7th)

I had hoped to increase my following by holding this contest as I have seen many other bloggers do in their pages. I only got TWO more :(

Any advice out there for me? Tell me your ideas to earn an entry into my NEW GIVEAWAY:

Win a set of 10 handmade holiday cards!

Easy mandatory entry: "Follow" my blog to enter using the Follow Tab at the top of my header. (Be sure to leave me a comment stating: Your First and Last Name followed by "Follower" I will verify these posts on my Google Friends List. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite way to add new people to your blog.

Additional Entries:
Each entry must be followed by a comment left for me telling me what your did.

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So, let's try this again. Contest ends Sunday November 8th at 11:59PM EST. I will contact the winner by email and card set will be promptly mailed to you!


Need a little help from my friends.....

Ok - I am officially hooked on blogging. The network of ladies out there is just awesome. I have already made some new online friends and can't wait to meet more. I am reaching out to you guys hoping you can refer me to a blog template designer. I need to upgrade my header with graphics and tabs and all the other great things you ladies have on yours. Even if you could just send me some tips that would be great. I also need tips on how to increase my following? Thanks in advance ladies!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Win The MATCHING Pearl earrings too!

I posted the first link too fast - here is a seperate giveaway for the matching necklace!

Akoya Pearl Earrings GIVEAWAY!

Look at this Fabulous giveaway from fellow blogger!

Pearl Paradise is giving one of her readers a pair of 7.0-7.5mm Akoya Pearl Earrings...Click the title to go directly to the giveaway page. You can also visit to check out the quality of this great giveaway - and maybe find a little something for yourself!Good luck!

Sunday Night is for SHOPPING!

Here are the break-downs for my Sunday shopping savings! I actually went today instead of yesterday (long weekend) and I didn't make it to Ingle's or Walgreen's yet but will before the week is out. Check it out!

Total actual out of pocket $13.78 for $166.82 worth of products

CVS – Great week at CVS for me! Total out of pocket – MADE $8!!
(2) Sure deodorants, Reg 2.99 each, sale 2.50, used 1.50 coupon – my cost $ 1 each
(2) Glade Oil Holder Reg 2.99, sale 2.50, used FREE w/purchase coupon – FREE
(2) Glade Refills Reg 4.69, sale 2.50, used B2G1 –
(2) Glade Plug In warmers reg 1.49 each – FREE With Purchase
(2) Glade Plug in refills 3.99 – purchased for free warmers
(2) Soft Soap Pumps $7.99 each – Got (2) Base Refills FREE – plus earned $4 ECB
Total Reg 71.33
Sales 13.92
Coupons 27.96
ECB Used 17.00
ECB earned 10.00
TOTAL OUT OF POCKET $2.45 (I actually had a Gift Card from a prescription transfer so spent $0 out of pocket!)

Target – this was my first week to try using coupons at Target. I needed cleaning supplies and they were offering $5 Gift Cards with certain purchases. See what I got for $3.62!
Holiday M&M’s Reg 3.19, used $1off Target Coupon
Windex Out door Cleaner – Reg. $12.09, used $3 MFG coupon, got $5 Gift Card – actual cost $4.09
Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleanser – Reg. 3.54, used $1 MFG Coupon + Target Coupon
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner – Reg. 3.54, used $1 MFG Coupon + Target Coupon
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner – Reg 3.54, used $1 MFG Coupon
These products qualified me for another $5 Gift Card – so saved $9 total
I also used (3) of these product to mail in for the SC Johnson $5 Rebate so,
Total Bill: 22.74
Used $8.75 in coupons
Sales - .70
Earned $10 Gift Cards
Earned $5 SC Rebate
Actual Out of Pocket MADE MONEY! $1.01

Publix – 2nd week trying Publix B1G1 and Penny Item. I was a little disappointed that 4 of the B1G1 Free items were sold out already but I did get a rain check.
Sugar Cookie Mix (Penny Item) reg. 2.29 – my cost .01
Smart Balance Milk (2) Reg 3.59, on sale 3.00ea., -1.50 Coupon, my cost 2.25each
ALL detergent. Reg 4.99, on sale $2.99, $1 coupon, my cost 1.99
Country crock Reg 1.89, sale B1G1, used $1 coupon, my cost MADE .05
Uncle Ben’s Rice (2) Reg 1.49 each, sale B1Ga, used $1 coupons, my cost .49 for both
Total 19.33
Sales 5.60
Coupons 6.78
Penny Item – 2.29
Total Out of Pocket – $4.66

Rite – aid – Not much going on here this week but I did earn $9 in Rebates
Oral-B Power Toothbrush Reg 8.49, sale $5, used $3 coupon, earned $2 rewards – FREE
Raisin Bran - Reg 4.79, sale 2.49, used coupon .50 – my cost 1.99
Febreeze – Reg. 3.29, sale 2.49, used $1 coupon, earned $1 Rebate – my cost .49
(2) Biore Face Scrub – Reg 7.49, on sale $6, used $1 coupon, earned $2.50 rebate – my cost $2.50 each
L’Oreal Blush Reg 10.59, used $2 Coupon - 8.59, but qualified me for FREE Mascara
L’Oreal Mascara Reg 7.49, used $1 coupon – B1G1 FREE
Crest with Scope Toothpaste Reg. 3.79, sale 2.50, used $1 coupon, earned $1 rebate – my cost .50
Total at Reg. Price – 53.42
Used a $4 off $20 coupon
Sales 16.06
Coupons 10.50
Rebates Earned $6
Total Spent $9.37

Save Money on On-line Shopping!

Mr. Rebates is a great new website I just found through another blog. Check it out! I signed up today and will let you know my own progress.
According to their website, "Our goal at Mr. Rebates is to make sure that our members save money on every online purchase that is made through our website. How do we help you save money on your online purchases? First, we offer a cash-back rebate at over 1000 popular stores like Best Buy, Dell, JCPenney, and more. Second, our staff adds daily money-saving coupons and special sales/price drops on hot products. The combination of the Mr. Rebates cash-back rebate plus coupons/sales insures that you will save money on your online purchases. This adds up to big savings every time you shop with Mr. Rebates!
Happy Shopping!"

A Little About Me

With the exposure of my blog from my first blog comment contest, I've had lots of new viewers. I've had a few emails wanting to know more about me so I've decided to add copy over my "About Me" page form my website ( Read on for more about me. Thanks and welcome all my new friends!

From my webiste: " For those of you who do not know me, I am a stay-at-home mother of three girls, two dogs, two cats and a wonderful, but messy, husband! My husband owns his own fire protection business, HALL FIRE PROTECTION CO., INC. and I have been lucky enough to stay at home for the past several years and help him out. When my youngest starting Kindergarten last year, I decided to take my own small business ventures and start The Kendal Companies. Like many stay-at-home moms these days, I have been helping out my family and friends for years with everything from planning family dinners, organizing travel, cleaning, shopping and everything else under the sun! I finally have the time to gather my talents into something profitable. The Kendal Companies has really taken off from day one and I couldn't be happier. The website is getting a lot of attention, I am meeting new people and I am learning everyday. The support I have received from everyone has been worth all the effort and hard work.

I am originally from the small Georgia town of Rockmart. My grandmother ran a hometown store for her entire adult life. She taught me about loyalty and supporting your local small businesses.

I was raised in a family that encouraged independence, etiquette, social awareness, entrepreneurship, class and, above all, complete confidence. I thank my grandparents for passing down a legacy enriched with all of these things. I try to instill the same values in my girls and can already see that they will be strong, independent and versatile young ladies.

While I love the spirit of entrepreneurship, I also believe in reaching out to help others and our environment. I hope that my business will allow me to extend my good fortune and expertise to those in my community. In honor of my brother, who served in Iraq - sending care packages to the soldiers is high on my priority list. I create and sell cards in which the proceeds go towards an organization that send the packages. I hold contest in our Creative Studios monthly meetings to see who can recycle the most items or bring in the most items to donate. I enforce strict recycling efforts in my own home (the girls will attest to my strong-arm in this!) I am a member of the Friends of the Library, The Georgia Sea Turtle Rescue Center, and hope to begin volunteering with local groups soon. My Kendal Kleanz It Out! and eBay auction sites donate to various shelters and help keep clutter out of the landfills.

The products I have in the on line store are either handmade by me, hand crafted by someone else that I feel meets my high standards, or are products and services that I have personally researched, use and recommend. Please visit my "Recommended Sites" link for my favorite local business, groups and charities.

Once again, I greatly appreciate your support and hope that you will subscribe to my newsletters, read and comment on my
blog, and pass this website on to your friends and family. Thanks again and see you soon! "

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Ends TONIGHT! Enter now!

It's that time of year again - the ladies are on the move - into my house! Every year we have this problem and every year I vaccuum up millions of little bodies. This year I did a search to see what else I could do as an alternate to vaccuuming them and found a HUGE list of very out-of-the-ordinary ways to dispose of these fine creatures. Just to list a few....

 - Seal them out with caulk - the south side of the house will be the side to concentrate on 
 - For those inside just gently sweep them up and let them go. Most times the are not dead,
    just sleeping.
 - The one I use - Put a clean vaccuum bag in vaccuum cleaner, vaccuum them up, then put a
    ziploc baggy over the vaccuum bag hole and allow them to go into there (vacuuming only
    stuns them not kills them) zip the bag shut
 - THE CRAZIEST - Once collected: freeze them now and thaw them later and sell them or
   freeze them now and thaw them in the spring and put them on your plants.
 - BugStop - I have used this on fruit flies and it works
 - ProZap
and on and on....

What do YOU do to get rid of your ladybugs. Post a comment and I will enter you in a random drawing for a $25 SPAFINDER.COM Gift Card. Be sure to leave your email so I can get back in touch with you if  you are the winner.

For Additional Entries.....
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That's a total of 13 possible entries! You can leave me a single comment listing each step you've completed. I will validate each one so be sure to "confirm" each subscription you receive.

BONUS: Be sure to SHARE my blog contest with others - if a new subscriber leaves me a comment that YOU recommened my site to her, I will give you an ADDITIONAL (2) entries

Contest ends November 1st at 11:59pm. Winner will be contacted by email by Friday, November 6th. Be sure to check back that Friday as a new giveaway will begin with a chance to win a set of 10 Handmade Thanksgiving and Holiday Cards.