Friday, August 29, 2008

Grace doing her part..

Today while working on next month's newsletter, I decided that I needed "action" photos for it. Take a look at my "model" for the craft page.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Operation Bartow Cares New website

They have anew website! - From the OBC myspace profile "Operation Bartow Cares is our way of sending some "home" to those serving in our military. We need your help to make this successful! The Bartow Business Association has formed Operation Bartow Cares to provide a means for businesses and citizens alike to reach out and support our military. If you have a loved one currently serving in the military, please send us their name, location, mailing address and how long they are currently scheduled to be at that location. Due to the length of time it takes to ship packages to military personnel, we will only ship packages to those who will be at their current location for more than three weeks. Are you wondering how you can help? We need businesses, classes, organizations and families to “adopt” a name and send over letters, cards or care packages. We also will be coordinating multiple care packages and need items donated for those care packages. Finally, we need others who are interested in sponsoring the shipping costs of these packages. A list of items we need is listed in our blog. This drive will end November 30, 2007, so all items must be received by that date! Questions? Call Jennifer Nelson at (770) 387-9072 or e-mail at "

Need a Recommended Internet Shopping Cart Feature

It's a beautiful morning here in Georgia. The rain has cleared off for now, the fog is light around my house and the temp. is perfect for that first cup of coffee on the porch. As you can tell, I got a really good night's sleep last night - it sure does make a difference, because I am NOT a morning person. My daughter went to bed right on time and I fell asleep right along with her.

Today is craft day here. I am going to be making tons of new cards. I hope to create all my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. I have some great new embellishments and ideas. I also have to make all those soaps I sold yesterday! That will probably take most of the afternoon, but I can't wait to get started and get them shipped out.

I am still looking for some advice on techquines and on a recommended online shopping cart site. My site's checkout is so primitive and as an avid Internet shopper, I know the importance of the ease of checkout. Please comment me your recommendations.
Off to create!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wow the day slipped by me....

Can't believe it's already almost 6pm! I have been working non-stop all day! Spent most of it cleaning and arranging the downstairs so I won't have so much to do for the Open Easel night on the 8th. It's going to be really great I am SO excited.

I almost fainted when I opened my email this morning. I had my FIRST WEBSITE SALE! I've been doing pretty well on eBay with my crafts but this is a total stranger who found my website and ordered. I am so stoked!

Sorry to be short today, but I'm off to cook dinner for the girls and then to the gym.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Night!

Heading to bed early tonight. I have been very busy all day. Finished the new skirt purses, including the UGA one and complete the large order of chocolates. They are on their way down to south GA for a big football party. Also sold the UGA diaper cake! Very happy about that, now I am on the hunt for more UGA baby gifts. Off to put Gracie to bed and myself too! See you in the morning.

Loving the weather!

Yes, I am a rain lover. Not only does my yard and flower garden need it,
but I need it too! I love the rain. When I was younger, we lived far out in the country by a lake.

I used to love to lay on the porch and listen to the rain. Fay is really letting it down here this week and I am loving every minute of it - so nice and relaxing - makes working on my business easier (although it does seem to promote naps a little earlier.)

Yesterday I tried the new chocolate molds and they worked fabulous! There are football and helmet shapes, fairies, seaside shapes and frogs (of course) and other bugs. I tested some new color candy add-ons too. They were a little tricky but cute, I can't wait to take some pictures and get them up. I tried a new flavor too, Irish Creme Chocolate - YUMMY! - and a new orange chocolate for Halloween shapes. I'd love to hear your advice on an easier way to add colro to my chocolates and the best way to ship them.

Today I hope to spend most of the day creating new cards for our troops. I'll try to ge those pictures up this evening.

Enjoy the rain!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good morning! Slept very soundly last night and I am ready to go at it again this morning. We had a wonderful rain throughout the night and I know that helped me sleep. Over the weekend I sent out a company survey and already many of you have answered. It took several days to create the survey and I am so excited to get honest, upfront answers. They will really help me define the logistics of my website. I even had one comment posted here! This morning I plan on continue working on the website and newsletter for next month. I really want to get all emails created for September at once so I can focus on making products. I went hog-wild this weekend purchasing new card materials, chocolate molds and ordering more fabrics. I have several completed items I will add to our craft eBay Toadily Handmade site this morning. . My other eBay site will not have any new listings until the first week in September. I will be listing some 2003 and 2004 Marilyn Monroe collector's wine bottles and some great vintage items there after the 1st.

I'm off to take my daughter to school - check out our site when you get a chance and answer the survey!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Working on the weekend!

Wonderful rain today! Good thing because other than the 2 hours I spent this morning pulling weeds, I have been on the computer all day. Designing the newsletters and website is TONS of work, but I am working out the kinks and learning more and more. Today I sent out a survey to my email contacts. It will hopefully help me narrow down any issue with the site and communications. If you aren't a member of my list, you can visit the website at and take the survey here :

For those of you in the Cartersville area we are having an open easel night next month.

Creative Muse

Date: Sept. 8, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM
Cartersville, Ga 30120

Join us for a night of creativity and fun!
Open Easel night is a time when we get together and create!

There are three ways to participate.

1. Bring your own art supplies and work. Sometimes you just need a break from home to actually have time to paint, draw, scrapbook - whatever you enjoy. Use this time to be productive and receive tips and advice from others. ANY craft or artist medium is welcome.

2. Come to try a new medium. Have you always wanted to learn to paint? Need some tips on finishing stamping cards? Want to try pastels or watercolors? Bring some paper and use other's materials to try your hand at something new. You may find you are the next Degas!

3. Just stop by an take it all in. We are open to everyone! You do not have to stay the entire time - come anytime and stay as long or as little as you like. You don't have to try anything. You can just watch and talk with others. There are no rules or boundaries!

There is no fee for this time in the "studio." All you need to bring is art paper for yourself. Art materials, easels, tables and chairs are provided. If you have extra brushes, paints, scrapbook material, etc to share - bring it and will use it! Also, We recommend that you wear old clothing as some mediums are messy!

We include our book swap in this night's open studio. Bring as many books as you want to swap out. We will have a table full of books available. This is a great way to move out those piles of books you have finished and get some great new reads in return.

Instead of a fee, each month everyone is asked to bring an item to donate or recycle. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND. This month's item(s) are cosmetics and personal items. Clean out that medicine cabinet and bring in those lipsticks you bought and didn't like. Or maybe you have an extra tube of toothpaste you can donate. All items will be donated to the Bartow County Children's shelter. The shelter houses children and teenagers whose parents are terminally ill, in prison or in rehab. They currently have many teenage girls who don't own a single tube of lipstick or have any personal products. They will appreciate ANY item, new or used. Don't you remember when you were 14? Anything is better than nothing when you are that age.
Our recycle items will be toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls. Start collecting now! The person who brings in the most tubes will receive a prize. They will be donated to the art department at Tabernacle Pre-school.

Can't wait to see you there. PLEASE RSVP! Email me here and I will send you the RSVP page with directions and a phone number.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Little About Me

Welcome to my new blog! For those of you who do not know me, I am a stay-at-home mother of three girls. My husband owns his own fire protection business, HALL FIRE PROTECTION CO., INC. and I am lucky enough to stay at home and help out. With my youngest starting Kindergarten this year, I decide to take my own small business ventures and start The Kendal Companies. Things have really taken off from day one and I couldn't be happier. The support I have received from everyone has been wonderful. To see what services and products I offer, please visit my website at

I was raised in a family that encouraged independence, etiquette, social awareness, cultural diversity, enteprenuership, class and, above all, complete confidence. I thank my grandparents for passing down a legacy enriched with all of these things. I try to instill the same values in my girls and can already see that they will be strong, independent and versatile young ladies.

I believe in reaching out to help others. My brother served in Iraq and sending care packages to the soldiers is high on my priority list. I hold weekly auctions to raise money and sell cards in which the proceeds go towards the packages. I also hold contest in our Creative Studios monthly meetings to see who can recycle the most items or bring in the most items to donate. I enforce strict recycling efforts in my own home (the girls will attest to my strong-arm in this!) I am a member of the Friends of the Library, The Georgia Sea Turtle Rescue Center, and will begin volunteering at the local Advocates for Children Shelter this winter. My Kendal Kleanz It Out! and eBay auction sites donate to various shelters and help keep clutter out of the landfills.

My grandmother ran a hometown store for her entire adult life. She taught me about loyalty and supporting your local small businesses. I hope that you will remember me and my small business venture the next time you need to book travel, need a personal card or gift or have an affair to cater. The products I have for sale are either persoanlly made by me, one of my dear friends or are products/services that I have researched, recommend and/or use myself.

Once again, I greatly appreciate your support and hope that you will subscribe to my blog and newsletters and pass my website on to your friends and family. My business is purely word-of-mouth. Thanks again and see you soon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Kendal Companies

Welcome to our new blog! For those of you new to blogging, this is the place to voice your opinions, advice, ideas and questions for me concerning anything that deals with my website, newsletters and products. I hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity. This will be a public blog, open to all. Positive or negative, I will address each comment. I will try to add more info weekly to keep everyone up to date. Thanks and check back later to read what everyone is saying about The Kendal Companies!