Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Website Updates

Search our pages and you will find simple ideas that make a huge impact. Check out our list of tips and helpful hints for throwing a simpler, but still elegant, holiday party. Instead of the usual Holiday Dinner, try the step-by-steps instructions on our SIMPLE BRUNCH page which includes pictures, recipes and a shopping list.

There are also great craft projects for children, classic holiday decor ideas, and fun facts for December. Our TOADILY HANDMADE on line store can save you time (and money) with unique and personal gift ideas such as a personalized SKIRT PURSE or a Chocolate Christmas Bouquet. Send those you love a special handmade holiday card instead of plain store-bought ones. Ski Slopes calling your name? How about a holiday away from home? Our travel site has last minute holiday specials for you. Also - mark your calender for January 5th. Our first quarterly Opus Sorority Book Swap is scheduled. Come join us as we kick off the new year!

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