Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Ways to Help Others This Thanksgiving Season

So many days we rush around trying to "get it all done." We jump in the car, speed off to multiple destinations, never thinking a thing about it. What about those who are unable to do so? Ever notice that mother is the grocery store with four young kids in tow? Or the elderly man in the post office trying to figure out how to use the self-serve mailing station? Next time you are on your way out the door, take a minute to think: Does my neighbor need something dropped off at the post office? Maybe my mother-in-law needs something from the grocery store while I am there. Did the church bulletin say this is the week for the can drive? Reach out to others. Save them some hassle and get rewarded in your heart in return.

Here are some other great gestures that will make a world of difference to others:

- Cook and deliver a meal to a friend who has been stressed lately
- Offer to help the single mother by watching her children while she does her weekly grocery
- Purchase one extra gift every time you do your personal shopping and  give it to a child in
   your neighborhood or drop it to the local children's shelter
- Help and elderly family member decorate their home for the holidays
- Stand in line at the post office to mail gifts and cards for a shut-in church member
-Buy a Christmas tree, decorate it and donate it to a family who cannot afford one
- Have Christmas dinner at your house this year and take the load off grandma

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