Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chocolates, Chocolates and MORE Chocolates!

What an exciting past few days! Last week, not only did I have my first order of chocolates, I had FOUR orders - and all had to be ready in 24hours! I was up to my ears in chocolates. First, A Paulding county elementary school ordered their school mascot, the wolf, chocolates for a PTA dance on Friday. Then, a Polk county school called to tell me that they had submitted approval to order the yellow jacket for that weekend. Bartow Buzz magazine ordered a ton for their anniversary event on Saturday and yesterday, a Bartow county Elementary school ordered their school mascot and Halloween molds for their fall festival next Friday! On top of that, I have donated four different shaped chocolates to Operation Bartow Cares for the Bartow Business Association Luncheon next Wednesday....Whew! Like I said, chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates! It's so exciting how this business has taken off so fast. I am researching new companies to buy wholesale chocolates and supplies to lower my costs - anyone know of a place other than Wilton?
I've also been working on the next Open Easel Night. I think I am going to extend the hours so that people have more time to work and don't have to stay so late. What does everyone think about opening the doors at 5:30 instead of 7pm? Let me know your thoughts and ideas! Last month was great and I am expecting a larger group in October.

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Anonymous said...

I think opening the doors at 5:30 is a great idea for us early birds!