Thursday, June 14, 2012

THINKING THURSDAY - It goes on where?!

Why do we do the things we do? We cover our legs with sheer nylons. We stumble around in heels that make us bleed. We wear earrings that make our lobes droop. Why? In the name of our cavemen who barely have to get out of bed to look stunningly handsome.

Today's Thinking Thursday touches upon the wonderful world of cosmetics. Specifically the order in which you are supposed to apply your creams and colors. And you thought you just had to run a little liner across those baby blues! Fact is, if you actually put your make-up in the correct order, it enhances its effectiveness.

Gather all your jars, compacts, tubes and sprays and let's go!

Eye Cream goes on first to allow it time to dry before adding on. If you don't let it dry it will just smear your cosmetics.

Antioxidant Serum - This helps prevent environmental skin damage and should be worn closest to the skin.

Moisturizer with Sunscreen - Locks in moisture and adds the SPF protection we all need.

Eye makeup - Real Simple Magazine recommend eye makeup before other cosmetics to prevent color speckles from falling on concealer for foundation. Shadow first, the liner, then mascara - SEE, you learned something new didn't ya!

Under Eye Concealer - then dab blemishes


Powder - Gives foundation it’s "staying” power



Brows - Don't really know why this matters but it has something to do with using how heavy your other makeup is to determine the heaviness of brow liner is needed.



Treatments - Acne, pigmentation


Begin again.... :)

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