Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I LOVE October

Maybe it's because it brings College Football. Maybe it's the fall leaves. Maybe it's that Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays (after St. Pat's day - hey! I'm Irish!). OR maybe because it's my birthday!!! Anyway - I DO love October. Over the past few years I've really collected a huge Halloween decor and recipe collection. If you check my website you can find more great photos of past decor/food and craft ideas. My favorite is pictured above - My front door....all I used was a dead limb I found in the woods behind our house, one bag of fake spider web, a piece Styrofoam and a few fake roses from Hobby Lobby, and some black paint. Cutting the foam into the tombstone made a huge mess, so do that outside when you paint it and the roses. Use red roses and lightly paint the ends black (to make them look like they are dead). The kids loved it! They also loved the Witches Fingers and Toes I made from Crescent Rolls (see website for recipe). Happy Decorating!! BTW - I like real rose too - hint, hint!

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