Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pickin' The Pumpkin' - Like Mother, Like Daughter...

FILE IT UNDER RANDOM (because this post totally is!)

This story is for my mother who jokes that when retailers see me pull up, they mark whatever it is I am looking for on sale - in reality, I am just a savvy shopper. Well.....seems my daughter Grace has picked up a few savvy spending skills herself. Read on to see what I mean:

Of course, with a six year old, we had to go out pumpkin searchin' this past weekend. The weather was beautiful and it only took 3 visits to 3 differnet places for Grace to pick one (sounds like me going to 3 different grocery stores to see who has butter on sale!).....After searching and searching she finally picked the one she liked best. Can you guess which one it was? Keep reading to find out.

                                                                              (ABOVE): At Pettit Creek Farms - Prices vary form $10 to $50

  (Okay, I snuck this one in from when she was 1 - I just love it too much!)  Burt's Farm in Ellijay Price Vary from $10 to $50       
Also took Grace, her best friend Erin and my nephew Will to the Country Club for the annual Halloween Festival......

.....where they won LOVELY Goldfish (thanks for that one, lol)

Decide which one she picked yet?

...Nope......(This one was $25)

....so, back to the "Like Mother, Like Daughter" story. After two hours and three trips, my beautiful, savvy shopper Grace finally picked her pumpkin.....Scroll Down to See......

The $0.69 one from Burger's Market - GOOD GIRL!

Now, if I can only get her older sisters to stop asking for those Coach Shoes we will be good! Happy Pumpkin Shoppin'
For more info on the places we visited, click their links below:

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