Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YOU ASKED - YOU GOT IT - Holiday Party Planning Course

Last holiday season I did a series of seminars for local businesses and civic groups on simple holiday party planning. It was a great success and I have had emails from several attendees requesting  a "reminder" course. I added a slideshow to my website and thought it would be a great idea to add it to my blog during the month of December.

Starting this week, I will be breaking down my series into three posts per week. On Tuesdays I will post "Yummyday Tuesdays" which will consist of recipes from my family, friends and personal catering company. I will start with the brunch menu I used as a guide in my seminars.

This will be complimented by "Why Worry? Wednesdays." These posts will cover the  "Things women worry about the most when planning a party." 

Finally, "Thinking Thursdays"  will highlight party planning shortcuts and tips. Sort of my own "thinking out of the box" series.

By the end of the month you should be able to hold a simple, but elegant, brunch for the holidays or for a festive NewYears Eve Gala. If you are short on time and need to fast-forward, visit my website for the complete course via slideshow. To look ahead, in January, the topic will change from Simple Party Planning to Simplifying YOU and Your Clutter.

Simple (but Elegant!) Brunch INTRODUCTION/SCHEDULE

Yummyday Tuesdays:
Beverages - Posting on Tuesday December 1st
Hot Russian Tea
Coffee Bar
Starters - Posting Tuesday December 8th
Smoked Salmon
Served with Capers, Red Onions and Lagniappe
Maries' Cheese ball
Served with Artisan Crackers
Main Course - Posting Tuesday December 15th
Spicy Tomato  Grits
Thick Cut Bacon and Sausage Patties
Sautéed Spinach with Onions and Garlic
Sweets   -Posting Tuesday December 22nd
Lemon Glazed Scones
Homemade Pound Cake Served with Chocolate Gravy and Grand Berries

Why Worry? Wednesdays4 Things Women Worry about When Planning a Party
Who to Invite and Will Anyone Show Up? - Wednesday December 2nd
How Clean Is My House? - Wednesday December 9th
What Food will I Serve? -Includes Printable Shopping List Wednesday December 16th
What Will I Wear? - Wednesday December 23rd

Thinking Thursdays
Party Themes - Thursday December 3rd
Decor Ideas - Thursday December 10th
Party Starter Ideas - December 17th
Final Notes - December 24th

I am very excited about this series and hope you will leave lots of comments for me! You can always visit The Kendal Companies for more great recipes, tips, crafts and more!

Stay tuned for the first post: Party Pre-Planning....

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