Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Worry? Wednesday - Who To Invite and Will Anyone Come?

Welcome to the first "Why Worry? Wednesday." This is a part of my Holiday Party Planning Series. Please be sure to check out the Introduction and previous posts if you are new to my blog.

The series begins this week with "Things Women Worry About When Planning A Party." Included in this series will be:

Who to Invite & WILL ANYONE SHOW UP?
What to do before, during and after your event to get guests to crown you “Hostess of the Year”

We begin with:

Who to Invite & WILL ANYONE SHOW UP?

There are many things you can do before, during and after your event to ensure your guests will attend, and will want to attend, your events.

Date Selection -Getting your guests to attend takes more than just an alluring invitation. Think about your own obligations and apply it to your guest list. Consider more than just choosing whether a Friday or Saturday will work. Scan the local newspaper or school websites to find out what is going on in the community that might be a conflict for your guests. Sports schedules, school concerts and local community events such as holiday parades and tree lightings should be taken into consideration.

Send an enticing invitation - Be creative! This is an example of how I used humor to get party guests from the Georgia Coast to come to a party in Northern Georgia:

Intrigue them with a creative theme -When choosing a theme, think outside of the box. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to have traditional themes. Try “July in Christmas” for a fun theme . With traditional parties, add another dimension by having a centralized event such as having Santa stop by or have Christmas carolers stop by. Focus more on what you can offer your guests that is different than just the theme’s d├ęcor.

Simple Elegance during your event - Down play the decor. SIMPLE decorations make a stronger statement than lavish tinsel and bows.
Food that is different but wonderful - Add a few unusual items to your regular party table. Pickled watermelon Rinds or Okra Tea sandwiches are great conversation starters!
Make each guest feel they are the most important guest - take the time to sincerely thank each guest for attending. Everyone is busy during the holidays and they didn't have to take the time to stop by YOUR party. Be grateful!
Never let them see you sweat - Have everything ready so that you are out of the kitchen by the first ring of the doorbell.
Consistency is the KEY - Guest will remember and RETURN to your home for wonderful parties. Keep up the level of elegance at each function you host- whether it's the holidays or just afternoon tea.

- Send a card, or email, with pictures of you guests from the party, thanking them for attending.

Next Wednesday.... Is My House Clean? For more great tips, visit The Kendal Companies.

For more great party planning tips, visit The Kendal Companies

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