Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thinking Thursday - Simple Party Decor - Part 2 in a Series

Thursdays are for "thinking" out of the box. Together with Yummyday Tuesdays and Why Worry? Wednesdays - Thursdays are a part of the Simple Party Planning Series I am posting this month.

Simple Party Decor - Making Your Party Special For Everyone

 - Use place cards to label the food for your guests. For cheeses, tape the place cards to toothpicks and stick directly into the cheese wedge. Nice touches make all the difference

•Set up your food table the day before. Decide where each serving dish will be placed, add corresponding serving utensils, and place a post-it note on each one to remind you what goes where. This is a great time saver!

•Use real dinnerware, crystal and utensils when possible. It makes the statement that your guests are important. It doesn’t take that much time to load the dishwasher and it reduces the amount of trash your party collects.

•If you don’t have enough real dinnerware to serve everyone, start with what you have then replace with clear disposable-wear. Buy purchasing all clear plates, cups and utensils, you can use the leftovers at any event. Instead of 10 plates in 10 different colors stacked in your cabinet, you will have something that matches it all.

•Use real linen, all-white tablecloths. Again, it makes a statement, can be used at all your events and is easily cleaned. Add layers of colored linens for dramatic (or subtle) décor. Make sure they are straight!

•Use clippings from your yard as décor in all areas. Magnolia, nandina with berries and pine are wonderful choices. Use fresh herbs such as rosemary to accent food such as creamy dips and cheese assortments. Store bought flower bouquets come across as cheesy – but taken apart, the single flowers of sunflowers, peonies and other large blooms are magnificent alone. Try placing one bloom in the bathroom on a plate for easy, classy décor. Using real décor also cuts down in the amount of decorations you need to store every year.

•If children are to be involved, have a special area just for them. They should have their own food table with special treats and an area full of activities to keep them busy. Try setting up a table where they can create their own gum-drop trees from Styrofoam cones.

•At the coffee station, use sugar cubes instead of regular sugar. You’ll be amazed how many people notice! Also offer Splenda, Sweet & Low and individual creamers as an added touch. All the leftovers can be saved for another party.

•Expand beyond the usual holiday balls in a bowl - Simple things like cranberries add color and create wonderful, simple displays.

•Take store bought foods and dips out of the container and put into nicer bowls and trays. It’s all about the PRESENTATION. Use grandma’s china – she did!

•Designate a “dirty dish” area. If guests can see where to place their dishes they are more likely to put them there than leave them laying around your home. Set up a bowl with warm soapy water for utensils and a trash can designated for trash/food. While working the room, casually pick up dishes and cups left laying around. This will cut down the time spent cleaning up later. NEVER load the dishwasher while you still have guests.

•Designate an area for coats and handbags.

•Simmer cinnamon sticks and whole cloves on the stove at the beginning – it will create a warm atmosphere.

Next Thursday....Party STARTER ideas. For more great ideas, please visit The Kendal Companies

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