Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why Worry Wednesday - What Food to Serve? Part 3 in the Series

Part 3: "Why Worry? Wednesday-Holiday Party Planning Series". Please be sure to check out the Introduction and previous posts if you are new to my blog.

What to do before, during and after your event to get guests to crown you
“Hostess of the Year”

To continue with "Things Women Worry About When Planning A Party," let's discuss...

Food Selection

The biggest concern of all! Again, KEEP IT SIMPLE. The number one rule of thumb as a hostess – never look stressed and never stay in the kitchen. Select foods that can be prepared before your event – and I mean in the days before, not minutes before. Save one or two specialties for last minute, but the majority of our foods should be prepared early. Chose things that can stay at room temperature and that can be kept out for long periods. Also chose items that can be easily swapped out as they are depleted. As you remove an empty tray, have another tray ready to replace, or better yet, just fill in the empty space by moving around trays already on the table. People expect the food table to deplete as the night goes on. You don’t always have to have a full food table. Just keep it clean throughout the night.

- Beverage Options – Alcohol or not? This is also a personal preference and a large budget expense. My recommendation is to provide minimal selections and ask guests to bring their own beverage of choice

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Next Wednesday......What Will I wear?!

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