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Why Worry? Wednesday - Is My House Clean? Part 2 in the Series

Part 2:  "Why Worry? Wednesday-Holiday Party Planning Series". Please be sure to check out the Introduction and previous posts if you are new to my blog.

What to do before, during and after your event to get guests to crown you
“Hostess of the Year”

To continue with "Things Women Worry About When Planning A Party," let's discuss...

How clean is my house?
Quick tips for getting your house ready
The LEAST of your worries.

To simplify cleaning follow these basic steps:
 Front Door and Entry

-Front walk, porch and door should be swept clear, brightly lit and simply decorated

-Make it warm and welcoming. Turn on all the outside lights or use luminaries.

-Use a simple wreath on the door.

-Make sure your entryway is clear of clutter. Remove everything possible and replace with 
  simple décor such as a bowl of unshelled nuts, a fresh poinsettia or a guest sign in book.

Guest Bathroom

This is the only time your guest will be alone and have time to look around. Be sure the guest bath is extra clean, fully stocked with paper (you don’t want guests looking through your cabinet while searching for more paper), simply decorated (use a scented candle) and has hand soap and a guest towel out. Yes, people WILL look behind the shower curtain and inside the closet – remove bath toys and straighten the linen closet.

The Entertaining area

No need to deep clean your party area. The room will be filled with guests. They will concentrate on the food table and talk with other guests instead of studying the dusty baseboards. Lightly dust and sweep or vacuum. The deep cleaning will be needed AFTER your guests leave!

The rest of the house:

There WILL be guests that have never been to your home and they will want to look around. Don’t panic – lightly clean the other rooms in your home and keep lights turned down (or use lamps and candles). This will hide any imperfections enough for a quick tour .

And a quick note on decorating....

Make it simple.
Use what you have. Wait to put out all your extravagant decorations until AFTER the party. What your family enjoys is not always what you what to accomplish when decorating for a party. A simple wreath on the door, a few pinecones and limbs on the table and a nicely scented candle in the guest bathroom goes much farther than 50 strand of lights and Christmas balls everywhere.

Next Wednesday......Simple Food to Serve.....

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