Sunday, January 3, 2010

Give It Up! Monthly Challenge and Book Review

Book Review – Give It Up! By Mary Carlomagno

I actually read this book about two years ago but thought it would be the perfect book to review for the New Year! You know, with all those “resolutions” you are pretending you’ll uphold…why not do what Mary did for an entire year read. Each month she vowed to give up one thing in her life, just for that particular month. She chronicles the month with all it’s painful (and sometimes enlightening) glory. From alcohol (which she went back to consuming) to newspapers (which helped her move onto reading books) to cell phones (in which she really struggled) – it’s all there.

This book inspired me to think about what I could give up to make me “live better with less.”

You would think, as I sit here in pain after a night of over-indulging while celebrating the New Year, my first choice would be alcohol ( Mary’s was) but actually, with the holiday shopping behind me and in conjunction with my current “Purge the Pantry” assignment, I think January is the perfect month to give up shopping. I’ll let you know how it goes at the end of the month.

What do you think you could give up for the entire month of January to “live better with less?”

To help you get started, here is Mary’s list from Give It Up! – My Year of Learning to Live Better with less:

January – Alcohol

February – Shopping

March – Elevators

April – Newspapers

May – Cell Phones

June – Dining Out

July – Television
August – Taxis

September – Coffee

October – Cursing

November – Chocolate

December - Multitasking

I was not compensated in any manner for this book review. I purchased this book for my own pleasure. Please read my Review Disclaimer.
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