Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yummyday Tuesday - Stuffed Irish Potatoes

Great filling appetizer for the upcoming Saint Patrick's Day Celebration

Stuffed Irish Potatoes

Start by baking the potatoes in the microwave - three or four at a time - using the pre-set potato button. I used small red potatoes here, but most any type will hold up. As soon as a batch is done, slice them in half and place the skins to the side.   In between batches,  mix together 8oz. softened cream cheese with a 10oz package of real bacon pieces. The more bacon, the better! Add 1 Tbsp. of Lady and Sons Seasoning and mix well with your hands.

Use a melon scooper or spoon to remove the potato insides. (You will not need the inside "meat." I usually make mashed potatoes out of it.) Be careful not to puncture the peels. Leave a thick layer of "meat" if you have problems with the potatoes falling apart.

Fill each potato skin with a spooonful of mixture and heat in the oven until cheese is soft. It will not melt like regular cheese so becareful not to over-cook them.

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