Thursday, May 17, 2012

THINKING THURSDAY - How to Hang a Picture Correctly

Thursdays are for "thinking" around here and today I am thinkin' about hanging some new framed pictures. One of my life's little irritants is when I bang the nail in the wall and well, it's wrong and I end up with 5 holes.
So I hit the research wagon once again and found out how to properly figure out where to put the hole in the wall - and only have to do it once! Been there have ya? Read on:

First off, if you need help deciding where to place your frames on the wall, trace the frames on kraft paper and cut them out. Then use removable painters tape to tape the shapes onto the wall, moving them around and spacing them as you like. (You can also practice arrangeing the frames on the floor before taping the kraft paper to the wall.) Remove each individual kraft sheet and hang the actual frame using the directions below.

1. Hold your frame at the level you want to hang it. Mark the top of the frame on the wall by aligning a post-it-note across the top of the frame itself.QUICK TIP: Most people hang their art or photos too high. You should hang the piece where the average person can see it at eye level. It may seem too low when you are hanging it, but it will dramatically change the way the art is viewed once hung.

2. Hold the wire up tight and use a tape measure to measure the distance between the wire to the top of the frame.
 3. Take the measurement and measure down from the bottom of the sticky note. Mark the spot - this is where you will pound in the nail.

4. Hang your frame and wha-la! No problems!

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