Thursday, May 24, 2012


This Thinking Thursday tip is actually from Real Simple Magazine. I ran across an article from last year that I had planned on posting but never did. So I am cheating and posting it now - hey, it's still good info, just not mine!  Shhhhhhh....

New Uses for an Old CD Case:

1. Use as a candle holder - keep it under the candle to collect wax. Pretty cool idea!
2. Cookbook Dividers - Cover with pretty contact paper, label the outer edges with section (apps, deserts) and use them to section off the cookbooks.
3. Ice Scrapper - Use the jewel case to scrape your windshield when it's iced over
4. Invitation - Use a sharpie to write out the details and mail off!
5. Drink Coaster - Line the bottom with felt first.

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