Thursday, May 10, 2012

THINKING THURSDAY - Poor Homeless Items Evicted

Thinking Thursday is here and boy it's a sad one. Today, all those homeless items in my kitchen junk drawer are being evicted. They either get where they belong or they go in the trash!

But let's face the bigger problem at hand here: the reason most of these items party together in the junk drawer is because they don't really have a HOME. All those twisty ties. Pennies. Safety pins. Box Tops for Education. Some things in that drawer DO have homes. I am just too lazy to return them and it's easier to stuff them in "the drawer."
First step is to return those items to their rightful places, then decide what to do with the rest. Finding homes should be easy. Put them where they are used the most. Twisty ties? How about in a small Tupperware container mounted to the wall where the trash can is located? Pennies - ummmm, piggy bank anyone? Safety pins? In the sewing kit? It doesn't take genius, just a little time.

I think it's time you served your junk drawer an eviction notice too.

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