Monday, August 25, 2008

Good morning! Slept very soundly last night and I am ready to go at it again this morning. We had a wonderful rain throughout the night and I know that helped me sleep. Over the weekend I sent out a company survey and already many of you have answered. It took several days to create the survey and I am so excited to get honest, upfront answers. They will really help me define the logistics of my website. I even had one comment posted here! This morning I plan on continue working on the website and newsletter for next month. I really want to get all emails created for September at once so I can focus on making products. I went hog-wild this weekend purchasing new card materials, chocolate molds and ordering more fabrics. I have several completed items I will add to our craft eBay Toadily Handmade site this morning. . My other eBay site will not have any new listings until the first week in September. I will be listing some 2003 and 2004 Marilyn Monroe collector's wine bottles and some great vintage items there after the 1st.

I'm off to take my daughter to school - check out our site when you get a chance and answer the survey!


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