Sunday, August 24, 2008

Working on the weekend!

Wonderful rain today! Good thing because other than the 2 hours I spent this morning pulling weeds, I have been on the computer all day. Designing the newsletters and website is TONS of work, but I am working out the kinks and learning more and more. Today I sent out a survey to my email contacts. It will hopefully help me narrow down any issue with the site and communications. If you aren't a member of my list, you can visit the website at and take the survey here :

For those of you in the Cartersville area we are having an open easel night next month.

Creative Muse

Date: Sept. 8, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM
Cartersville, Ga 30120

Join us for a night of creativity and fun!
Open Easel night is a time when we get together and create!

There are three ways to participate.

1. Bring your own art supplies and work. Sometimes you just need a break from home to actually have time to paint, draw, scrapbook - whatever you enjoy. Use this time to be productive and receive tips and advice from others. ANY craft or artist medium is welcome.

2. Come to try a new medium. Have you always wanted to learn to paint? Need some tips on finishing stamping cards? Want to try pastels or watercolors? Bring some paper and use other's materials to try your hand at something new. You may find you are the next Degas!

3. Just stop by an take it all in. We are open to everyone! You do not have to stay the entire time - come anytime and stay as long or as little as you like. You don't have to try anything. You can just watch and talk with others. There are no rules or boundaries!

There is no fee for this time in the "studio." All you need to bring is art paper for yourself. Art materials, easels, tables and chairs are provided. If you have extra brushes, paints, scrapbook material, etc to share - bring it and will use it! Also, We recommend that you wear old clothing as some mediums are messy!

We include our book swap in this night's open studio. Bring as many books as you want to swap out. We will have a table full of books available. This is a great way to move out those piles of books you have finished and get some great new reads in return.

Instead of a fee, each month everyone is asked to bring an item to donate or recycle. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND. This month's item(s) are cosmetics and personal items. Clean out that medicine cabinet and bring in those lipsticks you bought and didn't like. Or maybe you have an extra tube of toothpaste you can donate. All items will be donated to the Bartow County Children's shelter. The shelter houses children and teenagers whose parents are terminally ill, in prison or in rehab. They currently have many teenage girls who don't own a single tube of lipstick or have any personal products. They will appreciate ANY item, new or used. Don't you remember when you were 14? Anything is better than nothing when you are that age.
Our recycle items will be toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls. Start collecting now! The person who brings in the most tubes will receive a prize. They will be donated to the art department at Tabernacle Pre-school.

Can't wait to see you there. PLEASE RSVP! Email me here and I will send you the RSVP page with directions and a phone number.

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