Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's THAT Time of year again....

Ah, resolutions. The thought of this word usually brings a shudder to my heart. All the bad things from the past year comes into clear focus as I ponder what I need to change in the upcoming year. It’s a new slate – why not join the bandwagon with everyone else, right? I personally hate the word “resolution” and prefer to think of it as “re-thinking” the way I am living and what can I realistically change to make me feel better. People all over the world chose to "re-new" their goals and resolutions on New Years Day. The fact is that you can start "a-new" ANYTIME of the year. Any time you feel the weight of your "stuff" be it emotional or material - it's time to start moving. My hope here is, by sharing what I am doing in the New Year and what is working (or not) for me, you will find your own path to a simpler life (and I can get some things off my chest without boring my friends to death!) Starting this Monday, I plan to post my personal weekly steps, thoughts, personal sufferings and quick tips. If you need a jump start and can’t wait for the weekly postings, visit my website for the extended version on my Simple Life Series.

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