Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thinking Thursday - Make your own wedding paper petal tossing cones

These are a great alternative to those expensive tulle bags or gift favor boxes.
After searching multiple websites and a ton of stores trying to find these cute cones, all I could find were ones made of tin or ones that were too expensive. I decided it was easier, much more versitile and MUCH more cost efficient for me to make my own cones. I can change the size, color, even texture of the cones I need to suit each event's theme. I can even run them through the printer to add couples names, dates or little sayings on the inside. Sometimes I add a monogram on the outside too! This is a great project for you and your bridesmaid's to do together. They are also great for holding treats such as popcorn, candy or other sweets for your guests.The trick is to use the correct template for the type of cone you are trying to make.

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