Monday, January 2, 2012

Simple Life Series Intro Part One - The Schedule

Welcome to the Simple Life Series

 Join me as I chronicle my own journey into the New Year and the new me – and maybe tweak yourself along the way!
 “What is the Simpler Life Series” you ask?

The Simpler Life Series will guide you towards a clearer mind and soul. Each step will motivate you to move on from your past and towards what really matters today.

On Mondays, the series will focus on YOU. Little steps you can make to decrease the stress in your life. Sometimes it’s a simple as straightening that crooked picture in the hallway that irritates you and sometimes it, well, not so simple.

 Wednesdays will focus on YOUR CLUTTER. Being un-organized, unclean and living with clutter has a huge impact on your mental well-being as well as your health. My steps are easy and will motivate you to look past your attachment to things, redirect your bad habits and get you on the track to living a simpler, but more fulfilling life.

 Thursdays will round it all out by helping to give you a different outlook on the things you can do to reduce stress (and clutter) you bring into your life in the first place.

Pair this series with our Yummyday Tuesday Recipes, Friday Freebies, Shopping Sundays and all the in-between ramblings from me to have a rounded out week of laughs, rants, soul-searching and well, new beginnings.

If you missed our pre-planning post, check it out before reading on to DAY ONE

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