Thursday, December 17, 2009

Counting Down the Days Kid's Craft

Last week my neice and her son came over so we could make our Christmas cards. Being the teacher that she is, she brought along a craft for the kids to complete while we were working.

Kids at work - yes my OCD was kicking in......

Meg at work:

Kids finished product:

My finished products:

To make your own "countodown to Christmas" ring chain you will need:

1" strips of green and red construction paper (we had 6 of each color b/c there were 12 days left)
One piece of yellow construction paper (to cut out a large bell shape for the top)
Glue or staples

The kids deocrated the "bell" with stickers, then created a chain by stapling the rings together to form a chain. Every night before bed, we take off one ring to represent how many days are left until Christmas.

To make you own cards (like mine) you will need:
Card stock paper in multiple colors. I used kraft color, light blue and red on mine.
Holiday stamps and stamp pads
"pop-it"  - found at Hobby Lobby. These are mini pillowed squared that give a 3-D effect
Glue pen

Starting with a standard sheet of card stock, cut it in half and fold in half to creat a note card.
I cut out a swirl "snow" and glues to the bottom of the page. I then stamped a plain tree on the front and used glitter to "draw on" the ornaments and stars. I used the pop-its to create a layered 3D effect on the front.

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