Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift the Gift of a Christmas Vacation - Now Accepting Entries

My friend and high school classmate Susan White Jones (who is in the US Army and just recently returned from Iraq) sent me this wonderful link.

Smoky Mountain Christian Village is giving away family vacations to those in need or deserve something really special.

From her post....." Do you know a family in need? Maybe someone who has been ill, or has lost a job; perhaps a family with a loved one who will not likely be alive for another Christmas, or a Pastor in dire need of a vacation or time away. Maybe it is a couple in your Sunday school class that your class would like to help by showing them some love during the holidays.

Between now and December 13, we are offering you a chance to Pay-It-Forward. If you are not familiar with the concept it is actually quite simple. You receive a gift, which you cannot keep for yourself, but you must “Pay-It-Forward” by giving it to someone else in need. The gift should be to someone who cannot possibly repay the gift, or obtain it on their own. "
Nominate your person/family who deserves this great vacation before it's too late.

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