Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Plaster Boy In The Manger

My favorite holiday decoration, next to my Holiday ABC book, is this lovely little manger scene of hand-painted plaster figures.

Why do I love this so? When I was little and money was tight, my mother went out and bought this do-it-yourself manger scene. She lovingly painted each figurine and put them out for my brother and me. I don’t remember that first year, but I do remember the years that followed that it was set out for us to enjoy. Times got better and the little scene was eventually replaced with finer things. Years later, I married and had two beautiful little ones of my own. We were young, money was tight and somehow I found that little manger scene. Just like my mother before me, I put it out for my little ones.

Those two little ones are almost grown now, but I have a new little one who gets to enjoy now. The little figures are aged, chipped and flaking, but Grace loves to play with them (I was never allowed to even touch them!) I’ve changed out the original wooden manger but the figurines will never be replaced.

It just goes to show that love goes a long way. No matter what something costs. No matter what you have or don’t have – the love will come through in the end. Give your children those kinds of gifts and they will cherish them – just as I cherish my little plaster baby in the manger…..

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Destri said...

My mom has an old ceramic nativity that me and my sister are currently fighting over. I too have great memories of it. Money was definitely tight in my house, my mom was a single mom, and it was the only finer Christmas decor we had. I remember taking out the angel hair she placed them on, with lights under it, and setting up the wooden stable.
I broke a donkey's ear one year, thought she was going to kill me, but it glued on rather nicely.
lovely post Kendall, hope you are enjoying your season!