Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Blog Thing Is Not So Easy....

Well, after three days of trinkering with my blog and learning html code from scratch - I'm getting closer and closer to my vision. At first, I was going to just pay someone to do it, but true to form, the more I thought about it the more I was challenged to learn to do it myself. I spent the past month readings books, checking out other blogs, reading every possible "blogger" blog about customizing, watching tons of YouTube Videos and using trial and error. In the middle of all this I got some type of computer virus that almost drove me insane! Nothing worse than spending time writing code for your computer to lock down!

So you say my blog doesn't really look that different? What did I accomplish?

Here's where I am so far:

-I've learned how to read my blog's code!
-I've added the "third famous column" so many of us bloggers desire.
-I've extenened the width of my page. (If you notice, I still have one marign flaw in the main 
   post to fix - any ideas?!)
-I've centered all the sidebar text and images (a big one for me!)
-I've learned how to add a catagories list (still working on tweaking that before it goes live. It
   takes alot of time to change every label in every post for the past year!)
-I've learend how to add a navigation bar to my header but have decided not to at this point.
-I've leared how to manually change font, text sizes, text colors, margins, etc.
-I've added a social share widget to each post. (I am currently testing 2 types on the posts to
   see what I like the best)
-I've learned about adding pay-per-click affiliates.
-I've added a feedburner stat count. 

Whew! Talk about a HEADACHE! I couldn't go to sleep every night this week because I would think "I should have tried ..." or "What did I do wrong?" Believe me, I still have a LONG way to go, but I am pretty proud of myself for figuring out as much as I have.

Now I am working on designing my new header. I found a great YouTube Video that has helped me import and change images, add header text and where to chose my graphics. I am also working on my own blog "button." I love posting other blog's buttons on my site and want to be able to share my own.

I wish I had kept a running list of all the sites that I used to learn these things, but alas, in my frustration, I literally just clicked and clicked and clicked around using pieces here and there. Below are just a few of the main ones I used. I also learned that what works for someone else does not always work for everyone - but keep looking and eventually you will find the right code for you. Please visit these blogs if you are looking to venture into the vast HTML code!

How to center text and images in your sidebars - From Tricks-for-new-bloggers.com

How to add a 3-cloumn templete in Blogger - From Bloggerbuster.com

How to add a border to your sidebars - MomsWhoBlog.com

How to Create a Custom Header in Blogger - YuoTube Video

Now if I can just figure out how to get Spellchecker back on my post page I think I will be in Heaven!

While you are here - PLEASE see the poll in the sidebar. I want to be able to add my new name to the header, favicon and blog button I am currently creating. Thanks! 

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