Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy SNOWFLAKE Kid's Craft

Easy Pipecleaner SNOWFLAKES

Supplies Needed:
Various Colors and Sizes of Pipe Cleaners

Hot Glue Gun
String or Ribbon
Embellishments – I used charms from the Jewelry section of Hobby Lobby

Simple! Just lay the pipe cleaners with the centers touching and hot glue them together. (The original instructions read to bend and twist them together in the middle, but I found they tended to fall apart.) Next, tie the charms onto the ribbon PRIOR to gluing the ribbon to the center of the snowflake.


Make sure to cut the ribbon into varying lengths so when you hanging, they drape instead of hanging in a row. I also mix my colors to create different one.

 I hang these in our family room (which is really our sunroom/my office but everyone hangs out there!). I add my daughter's art work and silly snowman collection too! She thinks she has her own snowman/snowflake room - well, I guess she does!

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