Friday, December 30, 2011

So guess what?

Cleaning up that one bookshelf worked - it kicked me in the rear and I completed all of the following tasks today:

-Organized and cleaned off two more bookshelves
- Filed all my "to-be-filed" papers - FOR THE YEAR
-Pulled everything our accountant needs for our personal returns
- Straightened all the drawers in both my desks
- Put all my husband's business payables in order for the accountant
- Put all my husband's business receivables in order by date - all of 2009!
- Washed all the windows (and window sills) in my sunroom - all 10 of them!

All this while my husband and 6 year old are throwing up all over their respective rooms from the stomach virus - What a day - I feel like doing something else.......

FYI - Here's a picture of the first bookshelf after clearing the clutter out.

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