Friday, December 30, 2011

Yes, I'm Itchin'.....that's Southern Talk for.....

....I can't sit still and need to get up and do somethin'.....(another Southern word, meaning something)

So what's on the agenda for today? Usually I would start pulling all of my holiday decorations down but since I am having company on Monday - that will have to wait. So I'm itchin' to do something to get my New Year cleaning going......Where to start?
• I really need to deep clean my stairs with a toothbrush and toothpicks -you laugh? It's hard to get those corners and trim clean with out them. But I better wait. By the time I take out the totally dead tree there will be droppings everywhere and will have to start over. (The stairs could really use a fresh coat of paint too but that is on my Spring cleaning list.)

• My files need to be changed out for the New Year but I sure as crap don’t feel like tackling THAT today.

• I could re-organize my wrapping station.

• Or put up all my Christmas crafting supplies.

• Maybe just load up the recycle bins and carry them off……

• …….or maybe I’ll just climb back in bed with the new Stephen King book I just got.

Okay, guess I’ll just pick a smaller task and hope it gets me moving on to a larger one. Think I’ll start with this bookcase:

I need to weed out the magazines, go through those cute little polka dot boxes (Lord knows what is in them!)
and sort through that stack of horded clutter that I keeps me awake at night – I told you, I’m OCD – it’s a SICKNESS!!

I’m going to use my shelf to give you examples on how to complete your own project like this:

1. I love magazines. In my business (as a caterer/event planner – AND blogger,) I like to keep magazines for referencing recipes, table settings, blog ideas, etc. A couple of years ago I started a file for ideas. As I read through a magazine, I “corner” the pages of ideas I want to remember. If there are more than just a couple of pages corned, I keep the magazine. If there are just a couple, then I tear out (or photocopy) the pages and pass the magazine on to friends. After the files get full, I go through them again and place them in my recipe book, my catering idea book or this book that I am creating for referencing:
Today I need go back through my magazines. As you see by the picture, I am currently overflowing my limit (I try to keep only what will fit on the shelf.) First, I will pull the ones I know I want to keep – such as the holiday ones. Then I will keep the newest issues of the remaining ones. Any that I have left over after filling my shelf will need to be quickly flipped through. I’ll pull out what I’ve previously cornered for my file and send the rest off to be recycled or given away. If you are like me, this is painful, but totally necessary if I want to keep clutter away. If you have tons to go through, check out this chapter in my Simple Life Series to see how to conquer your growing pile of magazines.

What else is on my shelf? Oh yeah, the cute little polka dot boxes with “Lord knows what in them.” I better go look and then come back with a new post a little later.

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Debbie Jacobs Designs said...

So glad you are back blogging! I always pick up tips from you! I just started the new Stephen King book too. Hope I can finish it by 2013!