Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kid's Craft Sock Snowman

A couple of years ago, I found what I THOUGHT was a great little craft idea for my kids. Boy was I wrong! It was a disaster! But, I have tweaked it since then and now I have a kid-friendly holiday project to share with you. These sock snowmen are great time-consumers! Need some time in the kitchen? Then put these supplies out and let them at it while you bake those holiday treats.

Supplies for 2 Snowmen:
A pair of baby socks (for the hats)
A pair of men’s long socks (the body)

A small bag of pebbles (look in the Mini -Railroad section of Hobby Lobby)

Pillow stuffing (in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby)
Colorful Ribbon – (for the scarf – be sure it is wide enough)

4 Rubber bands

12 Medium Buttons in one color

8 smaller buttons in another color (for the mouth)

2 Pom Balls

4 Googly Eyes

2 Hair pieces (Hobby Lobby has these)

2 Wooden Dowels

Hot Glue Gun

Use the photos as a guide. Start by placing about 4 inches of the pea gravel in the bottom of the socks. Place the dowel in the center of the rocks and surround with pillow fluff, filling the sock all the way to the heel area. Be sure to pack it tightly or it won’t stand up correctly. Try to create a flat bottom.

Tie a rubber band around the area of the heel to create the body. Take more rocks and fill the head. Tie with 2nd rubber band. Take the hair piece and glue it to the top of the head, then pull one of the baby socks over the hair to create the hat. Now you should have a “body” and “head.”

Use the wide ribbon to tie a scarf around the neck and cover the rubber band there. Glue 3 large buttons on the body. Take 4 smaller buttons and glue for the mouth, the pom for the nose and the gooly eyes. Hopefully you will have a great snowman like Grace’s!

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