Friday, December 30, 2011

Those little Polka Dot Boxes Sure Are Heavy.....

Continuing from earlier today....

Those cute little boxes weren't so cute when I opened them.

Two of the four were legit. One held make soap making molds and supplies and the other was full of old VHS tapes of my wedding. Since I don't use the molds any longer I am putting them in the "eBay sell" pile. I've been planning (for years) on converting the VHS tapes to disc, so I put them in my car to drop off at CVS later today. Now on to the two “not-so-cute” boxes. Here's what I found:
• Bag gallon Ziploc bag of old marbles

• Tons of old souvenir spoons my grandmother owned

• A jewelry box of my grandfather’s tie tacks, cuff links and badges

• A set of 12 vintage Petrified Wood Samples

• A box of old buttons

• TONS of vintage costume jewelry

• This old Smurf Cup from my childhood

• Several pieces of pottery from craft fair shopping

• A wire bird nest
• Beads from Saint Patrick’s Day
• Two miniature wooden roosters (my grandfather was a Poultry Scientist)• A square dancing coffee mug

• A 3 piece pottery butterfly wall set I’ve had for years and never found a place to hang

• A Mochica Medicine Man incense burner from Peru (WTH?)
 Quite a collection! Can you see now why it’s all been jammed into these boxes? What in the world do you do with these types of things? I know most are valuable so I can't just throw them into my yard sale pile. My original intention was to search eBay to see their value. Hhmmmmmm……

Okay – I’ve decide , after checking with my dad and brother to see what they want, to put all of these things in a Rubbermaid tote (so that I can utilize my cute boxes for something else,) and mark on next week’s calendar a date to do the actual research. I’m going to keep the box next to my desk so I have to look at it everyday. For my poor OCD soul, that equals pure torture - which means it’s quite possible I might end up doing this research later today –

By scheduling the time I am more likely to do the work instead of putting the box into the attic. That would just be replacing one cute box of stuff with a Rubbermaid box of stuff –right? I’ll let you know what, if any of it, turns up worth keeping. The rest of it just may mysteriously end up at the local junk shop for some other treasure hunter to find.

In summary, the goal is just to move the stuff out, not just around. Choose one drawer, tote, box to sort through and actually do something with the contents. Don’t just move it from the drawer, to a box ,to the attic. Put it in your car. Take it somewhere. Give it away NOW. If not, you are just wasting time going through the stuff just to have to go through it all again next New Year’s cleaning day!

Now, I’m off to that random shelf that’s left to organize….maybe I'll try rubbing the belly of that Mochica Medicine Man and see if a cleaning Geenie will pop out.

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