Monday, December 19, 2011

What happened to Kendal?!

I am constantly surprised by how many times I get asked the question..."What happened to your blog? Where did you go? I need some help!!" Truth is, just got busy. My business took off in the spring, then I took the summer off, then I was overflowed with business again in the fall and now, know how it is. Life is life. I promised myself that after the wedding season calmed down and before it picked up again, I would start writing again. Thing is, is that Life is still Life and I am still struggling to find time to write. So, I decided to re post all my blogs from the first year of my blog throughout January. You've read them all but most of us could use a refresher on the clutter course and why not actually TRY some of my recipes. I'll be in and out with new posts and working on fresh stuff for later in the winter. You can always get a head start by moving over to and catching up on all the beautiful weddings that have been keeping me away from you all.  If you've missed me, let me know! Leave me a comment...share my blog with others....give me a reason to really keep this resolution to keep my blog updated! Love you all and thanks for keeping me on my toes :)

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