Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show Your Patriotism Today - Fly your flag.....

What exactly IS Veteran's Day? Let me tell you what it means to me.

My brother VOLUNTARILY re-signed up with the Marines shortly after 9/11. He was scheduled to be released and was given the option to re-join or go home. He felt it was his duty to stay and was almost immediately sent overseas. I am in tears as I write this now. I cannot express the feelings I felt then (and now) at that the PRIDE I have for him. He was in a group that went into Baghdad BEFORE the war was even officially announced to set up communications for the incoming troops. Our family was terrified for him but very proud as well. He came home in one piece but suffered from Post Traumatic Stress for quite awhile. He is fine now and we are so thankful to have him home. Every family's story I hear tugs at my heart and I get emotional at just the thought of the things my brother and his fellow troops endured and the sacrificed they make for us and our country.

Veteran's Day is a day to show appreciation for the sacrifices the soliders and their families make for everyday people - just like YOU and ME. I truly believe that this country should show more support for those who are enlisted or are veterans. Fly your flag, tell them thank you, and send care packages.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful post from The Mother Huddle. Often they will share another follower's blog and their "Bullet List". Being Veteran’s Day, I had to share this list with you. Read the word’s of actual solider AND wife of a deployed solider her thoughts on Patriotism:

Please check yesterdays postings for specials offered for veterans today and pass them on! Some additional  posting related to supporting the troops:

Sending Soilder Care Packages is a wonderful place to start when looking for information on what to send, how to send it and who to send it to.

"A soldier in Iraq cannot see your ribbon

or the flag at your front door

But a letter they hold in their hands

To them, means so much more"

Liam Sweeny

When my brother served in Iraq, we sent him weekly packages. He passed many of the items onto friends who did not receive things from home. He had so much that often he had to leave much of it behind when they had to pack up quickly and move. First tip: Instead of sending large volumes to one soldier, send smaller packages to many soldiers. Do not send food and non-food items in the same pack. If ants or other bugs get into the food, then your other items will not be damaged. Some of my brother's requests - Containers of powdered Gatorade, sweat-proof sunscreen (Bullfrog is great), socks, chewing gum, baby powder (for gauding), vasolene (can be used for wind-block) and discourages sending DVDs and CDs as they're often stolen and re-sold to the soldiers.

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