Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why you Should Cut Those Pet Food Coupons.....

EVERY week there are always pet supply coupons. Do you throw them away? Let me open my little book of "Coupon Laws to Live By" and tell you why you should not throw them out..... Coupon Law # 4 - CUT EVERY COUPON, even the ones you don't need

My mother-in-law wanted a dog. She specifically wanted to adopt a rescue dog. She didn't want a puppy to train or a full breed expensive dog - just one that was sweet and that she could save from being put asleep. We found her a rescue center on-line and paired her with a wonderful dog. In researching local rescue centers, a pattern emerged - Due to the economy not only we they full of dogs rescued from abandoned or flood damaged homes, they we extremely low on volunteers, funds AND supplies. It hit me like a ton of bricks - THAT'S why I'd been saving all the dog and cat supplies coupons.

This week my goal is to go through the STACKS of pet supply coupons, organize them a little better and start buying up what I can get on sale. I will collect these over the next month or so and take them over to the rescue center near my house. I know that before I personally was stocked up on dog treats, I noticed there are always pet coupons every week. The first week of using coupons I remember I bought three bags of dog treats, on sale and with a coupon, for about .15 each bag. Now even I can afford that much extra a week. Just think of all those animals in county shelters and state rescue centers that would love a little extra treat!

EXTRA NOTE: This weekend is Pet Smart’s National Adoption Weekend. If you are looking for a new pet to rescue - stop by and get additional special offers including a FREE 3.5# bag of Purina Pro Plan and 20# of Purina Tidy Cats liter. Pet Smart uses the local rescue centers for their adoptive pets. Our local Pet Smart uses Dog Pak Rescue out of Kingston, Georgia. This past week’s newspaper coupon also included over $20 in additional savings. Save a dog (or cat) AND save money!

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