Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week's FREEBIES in my mail

First, I want to thank and for leading me to most of the FREEBIES I am currently getting in the mailbox. Thanks ladies! I hope all (6, lol) of my readers will check out your great sites.

Here is what I received FREE this week: Be warned , it was the week for feminene products it seems!

-SheSpeaks sent me a FULL SIZE Aquafresh Iso-Active Toothpaste to reveiw (which I really DO like!) It also included several $1 off coupons
-Carefree sent me a sample panty liner and a coupon
- Mr. Rebates sent me a welcome pack that included a FREE mouse pad. I gave it to my daughter for her computer and she thinks it's great!
 - Kimberly-Clark sent me a KOTEX Sample pack that included: Panty liner, overnight pad, Thin as Wings pad, Tampon samples and (2) $1 off coupons
 - Proctor & Gamble Tampax 3 pc. Sample Set - Included Pearl tampax, Compax tampon and Regular Tampon
- Proctor & Gamble also sent me a booklet of coupons for Tide, Febreeze and more!
 - Ingles sent me a $4 coupon for Iams Dog Food. It was on sale this week for $6.88 so I got the big bag for only $2.88!
- Belk/Clinque sent me a flyer for a free skin care consulation which included samples and mascara. I spent about 10 minutes with the sales lady and walked out with a box full of FREE Clinque products PLUS a cute Tote bag!

So, all and all a good week! This is actually my 2nd week in a row of actually receiving things in the mail. Once you start up it takes  about 4 weeks to actually see products, but start checking the sites I've reference above for DAILY chances at FREEBIES like these!

PS: YES! I need the old blogger with the SPELLCHECKER! lol, please be patient with me, I type faster than I can spell!

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