Sunday, November 8, 2009

Small Talk Six - Six Reasons You Would Be Doomed if Stranded on a Deserted Island

6 reasons why you would be doomed if you were stranded on a
deserted island all by yourself

Here are my six:

1. I have to steal from Bless Your Hearts - lack of caffine would be my first issue - I would probably be very irritable to all the native animals, start twitching and then crash and burn for about 7 days

2. I would go crazy not knowing what to do with myself. The entire island would be scrubbed cleaned and organized long before  the caffine was out of my system and I would be bored out of my mind!

3. What? No Internet? I may just crawl up and perish at the thought of that one

4. I would probably be okay on the creative food issue, but no frosty beverage at sunset - pure torture

5. Another horrid thought - unless my destered island has volcano pools, my need to keep warm and for long hot baths would take over and I'd have to bake naked in the buring sun to keep warm

6. Lack of companionship? Good for about the first 72 hours as I bask in the glory of not having to cook dinner and wipe snotty noses, then the social butterfly in me would have to start talking to the native marinelife about how good a long bath, a cold brew and a shot of esspresso would be as the sun sets on the horizon ...wait! that Sawyer I see swimming towards me in the distance? Nah, must be all the sun I'm taking in.

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PS: I must apologize if I have linked this incorrectly. I am new to the Mr. Linky and found this post originally on Bless your Hearts.

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