Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why you need 52 tubes of toothpaste......

Okay, so maybe not that many but seriously - why should you keep buying more tubes of toothpaste (or shampoo, soap, etc) when you are completely stocked up?

You won't explode if you DON'T get all the CVS Extra Care Bucks this week.

You won't kill over if you don’t use those coupons that are expiring tomorrow.

You already have 5 back ups for your own family.


Could be you’re a shop-o-holic or have coupon fever, but chances are you still buy these items because you know you can donate those extra items you buy for pennies on the dollar to those in your community that really needs them. I'm not just talking about your church's food bank or Outreach Committee. I'm talking about nursing homes (those free Accu-Check coupons you keep throwing away, hearing aid batteries, and free magazine subscriptions), Women's shelters (those B1G1 Free Mascaras?), teenagers at the local high school (Tampax, Kotex, any makeup) and the local animal shelter (free treats, dog food and litter). That's right - YOU GIVE BACK!

Some of the best coupon cutting advice I ever received was from Jenny at; she says to cut EVERY SINGLE COUPON - whether you are stocked up on the item or think you'll never buy it - cut it. You never know what you can get for pennies on the dollar and sometimes even free. That's why I cut every coupon and check every sale item every week - anything that is extra or I don't usually buy, goes in a box and is taken to the appropriate group that needs it.

There is a group out there you could choose to support. Another thing to remember - during the holidays, support groups get an abundance of supplies, but once they distribute them during the holiday season, they are EMPTY in January and the following months. Why not start stocking up now - by January you will have a boxful to help replenish the empty pantries.

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